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September 24, 2016

Organic Beauty Week: My Organic Beauty Recommendations

I find it incredibly fun to dip my toes into the world of natural and organic beauty, and there are so many fantastic brands and products, and I never feel guilty about using them. Now that I've been blogging for a few years, I definitely have my favourites and they do tend to pop up over and over again - but at least you know that they've been thoroughly tried and tested!

onelittlevice beauty blog: organic beauty week

Let's kick things off with the newest product that I've been trying out. I love skin oils and balms and Antipodes' Saviour Skin Balm* (£28.99) has been my latest addition. I don't know what I really expected, but I definitely like it more than I thought I would. Housed in a cute little tin, this skin balm is firm to the touch but gently melts on contact with the skin. It isn't really suited for applying to large areas of skin at one time, but it's perfect for problem dry areas. I have really dry hands (especially my knuckles) and this has been great at keping my hands looking and feeling soft and healthy. It can be used anywhere on the body, even the face, and is advertised as being suitable for eczema. I'd typically be a little nervous to use this kind of balm on my face, but given that the list of natural ingredients includes some really gorgeous oils and butters then I can see this being a great option for very dry skin types. 

Another product that I'd recommend from the brand is Antipodes' Manuka Honey Face Mask (£21.99). It's a gentle cleansing and hydrating mask that I've been using for years (this is probably my fifth repurchase) and I love reaching for it when my skin is feeling congested and dull. I find that it helps to keep blemishes in abeyance, whilst also leaving my skin soft and glowing. I know from comments on previous blog posts that this mask isn't everyone's favourite (often because of the same reason, that it doesn't 'do' enough), but I've personally always found it to be a luxurious treat for my combination and sensitive skin.

one little vice beauty blog: organic beauty week

Another brand that I'd highly recommend looking toward for organic products is Green People. I haven't tried as much of their range as I would like, but I've been seriously impressed with everything that I've used so far. My favourite product, and my absolutely holy grail skincare item, is Green People's Gentle Cleanse and Make Up Remover (91.6% organic). It has the most beautiful thick, creamy texture that melts onto your skin and makes removing make-up really easy. At roughly £19.00 a pop, it isn't the cheapest cleanser. However, you'd be really surprised at how long a single bottle will last - for me, it often lasts months even when I use it twice a day! I find it to be the best cleanser for my sensitive, combination and blemish-prone skin, it does a great job at keeping my complexion balanced and radiant.  

Another fantastic product from Green People's range is their Tinted DD Cream* (£34.99). I was very kindly sent a tube of this last year and it became a staple in my beauty routine. It has a thick, creamy and blendible texture that makes a small amount of product go a long way. The coverage is really great, I find that it leaves my complexion looking even without making me look like I am wearing much make-up. Indeed, it has a very natural skin-like finish that isn't too dewy or matte. Overall, I really do think that it's a wonderful product and I would definitely recommend it. 

one little vice beauty blog: organic beauty week

Another natural and organic makeup range that you should check out is from RMS Beauty. I've tried a few of their products before and generally liked them all. However, my favourite product from their range is RMS Beauty's Buriti Bronzer (£25.00). I found that the texture is just perfect, and it applies and blends really evenly into my skin. I also loved the shade, and I think that it's designed to suit a range of skin tones. Their other makeup items are also really lovely, and I know that the Living Luminizer (£30.00) is beloved by many!

What organic beauty products do you enjoy using?
Are there any brands/products that you think I should try?

This post contains PR samples - marked with an asterisk (*)


  1. ooh I haven't tried antipodes but want to! great products

  2. Hi Angelica, thank you for sharing the love for Antipodes Saviour Skin Balm and Aura Manuka Honey Mask, they are both hero products of Antipodes.

    The Saviour Balm is a potent conditioning balm. Nature's richest oils blend with the power-packed antibacterial and antifungal healing properties of totara and Australian tea tree, while antioxidant-rich echinacea and Vinanza Grape® optimise cell and skin repair. It can * tend to grazes * rescue dry, cracked skin * save chapped lips * care for skin troubles * protect after shaving * care for baby naturally * erase blemishes * relieve sore muscles * hydrate skin in-flight * ease sunburn * treat feet. We are going to launch a new Saviour Balm mini tube on October 1st, which is very soon.

    You can leave Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask on overnight for spots as well, if need be.The Aura Manuka Honey Mask will cleanse & intensely hydrate your skin.
    A traditional remedy of New Zealand Maori people is antibacterial manuka honey, which powerfully draws moisture to your skin to hydrate it intensely.

    Let us know if you try more, we always enjoy reading your blog!#lovethearoha #loveaura


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