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November 13, 2012

REVIEW: Garnier Skin Naturals Simpy Essentials ultra-cleansing wipes

I've got some more lovely cleansing wipes to review today. It's always nice to know if spending a little bit more for 'branded' wipes like these ones is worth it, or whether we should just stick to whatever is cheapest. I do think that there's a noticeable difference between say Boots' own brand wipes and these. These are brilliant for cleansing and for removing most make-up, however, unlike the Nivea face wipes that I reviewed a couple of weeks ago these Garnier ones just don't remove water-proof mascara. 

I like these because they leave my skin feeling clean and aren't at all irritating, and my skin doesn't feel at all dry after using them. However, because of their inability to tackle waterproof mascara I don't think I'd repurchase them, but I do think that if you have sensitive skin and don't wear waterproof mascara then you'll probably like these. Garnier also do 'Soft Essentials' (with rose extracts) and 'Fresh Essentials' (using grape extracts) face wipes for those of you out there who don't suffer from sensitive skin, so if these don't appeal to you then maybe those will!

You can find these in Superdrug stores or online for £2.99.

Do you have a favourite product for removing make-up? I'm still on the hunt for mine!


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  1. I had this and I wasn't so happy with them :( I was feeling like they were scratching my skin :(


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