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November 07, 2012

REVEIW: The Body Shop Lipstick in Shade 22

If you're looking for a wearable dark red lip stick then look no further. Whether you're looking for a product that fits with Winter's lip trend towards darker shades or if you're just a lover of red, then I think you should check out the Body Shop's lipstick in Shade 22 (Garnet).

If you haven't tried the Body Shop's lipsticks before then you should know that they're thick, moisturising and opaquely coloured. The staying power is good and only the darker shades (like this one) need lip liner, so applying them is really quick and easy. The lipstick bullets are silver and are quite easy to identify if you have a big lipstick collection. 

The above swatches show one layer (the lower swatch) and two layers (the upper swatch) of the lipstick and you can see how when you begin layering the lipstick how the colour gets a lot deeper. I like to wear this lipstick layered so that it is a deep ruby red shade and I tend to only wear it in the evenings (mainly because I'm not confident enough to try and wear it during the day) but I've seen a lot of people on campus in the day time wearing similar shades so I might give it a go sometime soon.

The Body Shop's lipsticks cost £10 and you can buy them as well as check out the other colours they do, here.

Have you tried any of the Body Shop's lipsticks or any of their other make-up? 




  1. Really cute! I've never tried their makeup before. x

  2. This is a gorgeous colour. I really like that it's buildable, because dark berry shades can be a bit daunting.It's good to have one that you can keep sheer during the day, and perhaps build up to wearing a more opaque lip gradually! Either way, it's the perfect winter shade.
    Mel x

    1. The fact that it is buildable means that I wear it a lot more than some of my other dark lipsticks! x

  3. I love their makeup, and this is actually my favourite lip shade :)

    1. Their make-up is such great quality :) I love this shade but I have another in Shade 63 (I think, either 63 or 64) and it is my HG MLBB shade xx


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