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November 20, 2012

REVIEW: MUA Clear Mascara

I actually bought this mascara not to use on my eyelashes but to replace my current Brow taming gel as I'd read a couple of blog posts about people who'd tried this out.

However, to cut to the chase, if like me this is what you're after then don't buy this mascara! It's really heavy and gel like on eyebrows and just doesn't work at all how I would have liked it to. It doesn't help them keep their shape for very long at all and it is a lot mote gel-like and gloopy than other similar products I've tried have been. 

I also tried this on my lashes and it just didn't do very much. I remember using clear mascara as a teenager (as I wasn't meant to wear mascara to school so this was like 'invisible' make-up) and I think it was a Miss Sporty or Rimmel version and it was great. This clear mascara, however, doesn't add any length, volume OR curl, it just disappointed me all round. I think the brush is to blame here as it is really plastic-y and just doesn't catch all the lashes very well. 

I know that this mascara is only £1, from Superdrug stores or online on the MUA website, so I shouldn't expect too much from it but other £1 MUA products are great (like their lipsticks) so I was disappointed that this was as bad as it was. A cheap mistake of mine but not one that you need to make! 

Do you know any good quality clear mascaras I could try?




  1. How about the elf brow one?

    I've got it and it's OK. It's only £1.50 so it's worth a bash. xx

    1. Aw, thank you! I'll definitely give it a try :) Have you reviewed it? xx

  2. Great review! I was actually wondering about using a clear mascara on my brows and I probably would've tried the MUA one at some point, so you've saved me the effort!

    1. Glad it was helpful :) It definitely isn't worth picking up, sadly xx


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