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February 25, 2013

REVIEW: The Body Shop's Colourglide Shine Lip Colours in shades 03 (Pink Flash) and 11 (Rare Coral)

sheer natural lipsticks in pink and coral smooth colour
sheer natural lipsticks glide on smooth moisturising
swatch colours sheer natural lipsticks

I can't deny it, I've gone sheer lipstick crazy over the last couple of months (and I don't see my obsession any time soon). When I saw that the Body Shop, who are without a doubt one of my favourite brands, had released sheer lipsticks I rushed out to try them. Initially, I was super impressed. The colour range is great with a lot of wearable shades, lovely pinks, nudes and reds. They feel really luxurious on the lips, giving a sheer wash of glossy colour that is super hydrating (which is something I need in my lip products at this time of year). The packaging is also really nice, the usual silver bullet has been updated with a flash of gold which I think really improves the look of it. Everything set these up as products that I would really love. 

And I have been really enjoying them, I get a lot of use out of Shade 11 (Rare Coral), it's a colour that I'm hugely pleased that I picked up and one that I would definitely recommend. However, Shade 3 (Pink Flash) isn't as easy to wear and it doesn't feel as comfortable on the lips as Shade 11. It also isn't quite as sheer, which may or may not be a bad thing. All things considered, I was pretty happy with these lipsticks until very recently when I tried out some other sheer lipsticks that have a significantly lower RRP than these and I think I actually like them a lot more! So, although I would definitely recommend the Body Shop's Colourglide Shine lip colours I do think that at £10 each they are a little costly. That being said, I do think that these stand up against the very popular L'Oreal's Rouge Caresse Lipsticks in terms of quality but L'Oreal's range of colours definitely appears to be superior. All in all, these are a bit hit or miss. I do like them and I do think they're good products but they have a lot of competition to stand up against, especially considering their price tag.

The Body Shop's Colourglide Shine Lip Colours are available in Body Shop stores or online for £10.

Have you tried any of the Body Shop's make-up?



  1. these look gorgeous!xx

  2. I love the look of pink flash!!

    Amy xo

  3. I've always wanted to try some sheer lipsticks after you have shown so many examples but I think the pink flash shade might be the one that I actually buy! xx


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