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February 18, 2013

REVIEW: Cosmetics A La Carte Brow Ink in Taupe

eyebrow ink long lasting eye brow colour pen fine nib precise application
eye brow ink long lasting fine nib for precise application

I first heard of Cosmetics A La Carte Brow Ink in one of Essiebutton's videos, I can't remember which one it was now (I think it was an old haul video of hers) but I remember that she really raved about this product. So when I saw this Brow Ink in Grace's blog sale for a meagre £5 I snapped this baby up as quickly as I could. My usual brow routine used to involve filling in my brows with either my (relatively new) Body Shop eyebrow pencil or, using an angled brush, with my HD Brows Palette. I'd then follow this up with a setting gel/wax of some sort. Before using this Brow Ink I'd never used a product like this on my eyebrows so I didn't initially know what to expect. 

What I found was that I could incorporate this into my current eyebrow routine. It's possible to use this very sparingly as the extremely fine nib allows you to very precisely apply colour making it possible to very deftly shape you eyebrows. The fineness of the nib makes it absolutely perfect for using just around the edges of the eyebrow to help create a more refined look that really helps define you face. However, if you want to you can also use this to fill in your eyebrows- although the shade 'Taupe' is slightly too dark to use on a day to day basis to fill in my fair-medium eyebrows. However, when I have applied lightly it in this way it actually didn't leave me looking ridiculous like I worried it might. It just left me with more of a 'statement' eyebrow look that felt very new to me and therefore a little bit daunting but was still very wearable. Overall, I think this is definitely a product worth investing in. It has become a fixture in my day-to-day make-up routine as it is just so easy to use and the finished look it produces is really wonderful. I've fallen in love, and if you gave this Brow Ink a try I wouldn't be surprised if you did too!

Cosmetics A La Carte Brow Ink (in Taupe, Blonde or Sable) available for £22.00 online here

Have you tried a brow ink before?


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