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May 30, 2013

Discovering Ginvera: Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream and Grean Tea Exfoliating Marvel Gel

It might just be me (I think I must have just been out of the loop) but I personally hadn't heard much about Ginvera before, out of the blue, I found myself with the opportunity to try out and review a couple of their products. I was very kindly sent sample sizes of their award winning Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream and their Green Tea Exfoliating Marvel Gel. In a nutshell, I'm impressed with both of these products.  However, the details are really important so I'll elaborate on why I've enjoyed using them below. Let's start with the Green Tea Exfoliating Marvel Gel.

The above photo shows what the Green Tea Exfoliating Marvel Gel looks like when first squeezed out of the tube. This is the amount that I would use across my entire face, massaging it onto my skin for a minute or two before washing it off with warm water. No word of a lie, from the first time I used this I loved it. I haven't had much success with chemical exfoliaters before but this one is just perfect for sensitive skin / skin prone to redness. I find that after I use this my skin is beautifully soft (from an excellent exfoliation) with not even a hint of redness in sight - which I find is always the case when I use a manual exfoliater. It also promises that after use pores will look more 'refined' and I'm certain that it has had this effect on the worst of my pores which after only a couple of weeks of use is impressive. The full size product has an RRP of £22* (available at Cult Beauty or directly from Janiro) and when I have available funds I'm going to be picking it up. It's a wonderful product and I'd highly recommend it. 

The Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream is of Asian origin, hailing from Singapore, and is my first foray into a non-western BB cream. Initially, it didn't win me over. As you can see from my swatches, this one-colour-fits-all formula looks a shade or two too dark for me. However, its pretty dreamy to blend and it's liquid (although not all that thin) formula allows you to apply it pretty lightly (which is perfect for me as I like to wear BB creams to even out my complexion rather than to give coverage). Once blended out the colour is passable, and if summer sunshine ever appears then the light tan I usually gain will leave me with skin than will more easily be able to wear this colour. 

You might ask why I bother to make such an effort to get the colour to work? Well, ladies and gentlemen, the formula is nice. I already have a 'go-to' BB cream, a drugstore offering, and as much as I like it there is little comparison when it comes to the feel of the product on my face. The Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream feels moisturising without being heavy or aggravating my oily t-zone and it wore remarkably well on my skin for something verging on the dewy end of the spectrum. Added benefits are the high quality of its ingredients: it contains antioxidants, vitamin C and has SPF 30. Overall, I really like this BB cream especially the way it feels and how it wears but given the colour matching issues I don't know if I would purchase it full size. I think I'm going to wait and see if I'm going to get any sun this year, if so then this would definitely compliment my summer make-up. I'd highly recommend giving it a try though, especially if you think the colour will work for you (or if, like me, you don't mind blending it out). You can purchase this from Janiro for £20* (for 25ml) or £26* (for 40ml)

Have you tried either of these products? Do you prefer chemical exfoliaters to manual ones?



  1. I've heard nothing but good things about Ginvera - would love to try some for myself!


  2. I love the formula of the Marvel Gel! Though it didnt clear up my blackheads as much as I hoped xx

  3. Ginvera is my favourite bb cream. i can never get enough of it. x

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