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May 21, 2013

New MUA Nail Polish in Fever Red and Plum Noir (Review and Swatches)

These nail polishes are available on the Superdrug website for £1

I've been hearing a lot about MUA's new rebranded nail polishes, mainly because of how obviously the bottles are a budget copy of Essie's nail polishes. However, as much as I hate the idea of companies trying to rip one another off, I have to admit that for MUA these new bottles are a massive step up from their old packaging. It makes the polishes look a lot more desirable, to my eye anyway. I think they look like they could be described by the word 'dinky'- small and cute. And for the same old price of just £1 I felt that even if the formula was the same I wanted a couple in my collection.

I settled on two shades, 'Fever Red' and 'Plum Noir'. Both of these colours really stood out to me on the shelves as despite looking like more autumnal shades there is a brightness to them that for me makes them  seem wearable all year round. 'Fever  Red' is my favourite of the two colours and is a gorgeous raspberry shade that takes two-three coats to become opaque and streak free. 'Plum Noir' is a mid-toned purple shade that I think needs three coats to be completely opaque and streak free. I'm actually planning on picking some glitter polishes up next month and maybe using then in a nail look along with these MUA polishes-  maybe a glitter tip or glitter gradient or something like that - just to make them a little bit more fun to wear.

I know a lot of people don't like the MUA polishes but I've owned a pink shade (which is unfortunately at my family home in London so I don't know it's name) but on my nails, with a base and top coat, it often lasts about five days without any chips.  So, granted that these polishes aren't super shiny or apply in just two coats, if you have a good base and top coat they really are good value for money if you like to only wear a shade a couple of times and don't want to 'invest' in an expensive polish. 

Have you tried any of MUA's nail polishes? What do you think about their new bottles?



  1. The new bottles do look so much better than before! Love the plum colour too.

  2. Great post! I have two MUA nail polishes too. I have only tried one so far. It is a coral colour, but using a good base and top coat it still chipped within 1-2 days. For a cheap polish it isn't so bad though, especially if you only intend in wearing it for a night out.

    Rachel xx

  3. Cute colours, I recently picked up 3 of these are the bottles are really dinky! I really like them :)

    Jamie-Lee | Glitter Infatuation | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog!

  4. Looks like such cute colors! The bottles look lovely too but hey really could have been slightly more unique as it's almost identical to essie. But you get what you pay for anyways.

    Eve x

  5. These look like lovely shades :) I will have to give them ago!! :)


  6. These shades don't look too bad, shame that my local Superdrug is useless and don't stock all of them! x

    Amy / srslylou

  7. Love all those colours, they're so pretty!


  8. Despit them lookig like a rip off from Essie, just think you could get 8 of those bottles for 1 bottle of Essie! (theyre £8 right?)
    I love MUA nail polishes these are fab xx

  9. They're such lovely colours :) I really like the new packaging even if they are quite small but it's pretty good for a pound :) I think that they'd be a great way to try colours that you wouldn't normally wear without spending a lot xx

  10. I love these colours, I've always been put off MUA polishes because I always thought it would be worth just spending a little more for a polish which was better quality, but i'll reconsider now! thankyou :-) xx

  11. I love the new bottles don't you? The Plum Noir shade is gorgeous. I've just posted about this colour too, but on my toenails. I think it's really cute. What do you think?

  12. Ooh these are both such gorgeous shades!
    I can't believe they're only £1 each! :)


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