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November 14, 2013

Boots' Own Brand Hairspray and Dry Shampoo: a Great Way to Save Money or a False Economy?

This post has been a little bit slow in the making. It all began during my spending ban, I ran out of a couple of (what I would call) 'essential' items and I wanted to replace them as cheaply as I could so as to keep true to the challenge of a spending ban. Two branded products that I replaced with Boots' own brand equivalents were Batiste's Original Dry Shampoo and L'Oreal's Elnett Satin Hairspray in 'Normal Hold'. Boots' ownbrand equivalent products were a bit cheaper so I decided to pick them up, I got Boots' Dry Shampoo in Paradise Island (a tropical scent) and Boots' Firm Hold Hairspray. If you're frugal like I am then this post may well interest you, I'm going to compare the branded and ownbrand products to see if this is an area in which I could consistently save myself some money.

Batiste is what I imagine to be the 'standard' dry shampoo; it's one of the easiest brands to get hold of, it isn't extortionately priced and as far as I'm concerned it does a good job. A 400ml bottle of Batiste (like the one shown in my pictures) costs £4.99 when there is no offer on and a 200ml bottle costs £2.99 (this is the same size as the own brand Dry Shampoo in my pictures). The own brand Boots' Dry Shampoo normally costs £2.29 for 200ml (although I bought it on offer for £1.50). So between the two different brands there is essentially only a 70p difference - it doesn't sounds like much but I probably go through 400ml of dry shampoo a month so over a year any savings do add up.

However, the Boots' Dry Shampoo was probably the worst dry shampoo I've ever tried, and I've tried numerous different brands and versions. The own brand shampoo was much harder to use - it didn't spray as finely, it left a white cast on my hair regardless of how delicate I was with my applications and it didn't really make my hair look clean! I also got through the own brand dry shampoo much faster than I had anticipated too, for once there really wasn't anything on this product's side. Batiste wins this battle hands down, there wasn't really any competition. Although it does sadden me to say so because I like an underdog.

Next up is L'Oreal Elnett Satin in Normal Strength and a 200ml bottle costs £4.20, although I must admit that this is a newly emerging favourite of mine so this test isn't entirely unbiased. The Boots' own brand hairspray for 450ml is only £1.60 (I can't find the price for 200ml) - here, unlike the dry shampoo, there is the potential for a considerable saving as you get more product for a lot less money.

The L'Oreal Elnett Satin in Normal Strength is great for when you want flexible hold. I like using hairspray to help keep volume in my roots, or to keep flyaways at bay, but I hate being able to feel product in my hair. With the Normal Strength version it is so light that you never feel it in your hair, even if you use quite a lot of product, and this is the quality that makes me love it. Boots don't make a flexible hold hairspray and the 'firm hold' is actually the hairspray they make with the least hold. For its price it is actually a very good product, it does a good job and it isn't too noticeable in the hair. It isn't as feather-light as the L'Oreal hairspray but I think that is to be expected. Although I would prefer not to, I could definitely get used to using the own brand hairspray without it being too much of a pain, and unlike with the dry shampoo it would be a small swap that would save me quite a bit of money! 

 I found this to be a good experiment even though it was a bit hit and miss! Do you ever opt for own brand products? Do you have any 'budget buy' recommendations?



  1. I can't stand the boots own hairspray! I bought it also on a saving money idea, I barely use hairspray but i was really disappointed in this! It's a shame about the boots own dry shampoo- again I use tresemme and I love it but £4 ish a time?! noooo! baby powder for me! xo

  2. I swear by Batiste dry shampoo, I tried Superdrugs own range before and they are pretty to smell but otherwise useless! I agree with Izzie powder does wonders! x

  3. I tried the Boots own brand hairspray and it made my hair go so sticky :( I find Elnett to be the best, shame it's so pricey.

    Alice x

  4. Great post - lovely to see a comparisant to own branded products, as I too love an underdog!
    I must say I dont think much of Boots own Hairspray, but I have used Superdrugs own Dry Shampoo which is really great for me! (the brown haired one, the normal ones aren't quite so good!)
    Fab post!

  5. Great review! I want to try the Batiste. I had it in my hand on Monday and wasn't I will try it!

  6. Also, stay away from Superdrug's own brand dry shampoo too! Disgusting!

  7. Have you tried Girlz Only Dry Shampoo? You can get it Tesco and I think it's just as good as Batiste xx


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