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November 13, 2013

Elle Magazine's December Freebie: Benefit's Dandelion Lip Gloss

I know the world and their mother have been talking about this month's Elle Magazine and its dreamy Benefit freebies but I wanted to chime in. I have a subscription to Elle so I didn't get a choice in shade but this month there are three different lip glosses up for grabs when you purchase Elle for £4 - Dandelion, Hoola and Coralista. Dandelion is a milky pink shade with just a hint of shimmer - the lip gloss isn't even remotely sticky and considering how glossy and light it feels it lasts very well on the lips. I like it so much that I'm seriously considering going out to pick up the other two shades. For £4 I think this is a really great way to try out some of Benefit's products. Even though the size of these lip glosses (6.5ml) only gives them an approximate £6 value (so you're not really getting an uber deal, per se) you can't usually buy mini versions of these lip glosses. Normally you'd have to shell out £14.50 per lip gloss to even give one a try. This means that even if you were to buy all three for £12 you'd still be paying less money than if you were to buy one full size shade, and you'd be getting three very wearable options. I can only make maths work in my favour when it comes to beauty buying decisions...

Let me know if you've picked up one (or more) of these Benefit lip glosses, I'd love to know what you think of them!



  1. Coralista is my favorite Benefit shade by far, it's so lovely and peachy, so I would try and get my paw on that one :o). Xx

  2. Such a good freebie, I got the Hoola one. There wasn't much of a choice when I got to the shops. I think they'd been very popular

  3. This sounds really pretty, I've been resisting picking one of these up as I hate sticky lipgloss but I may have to indulge now!

    Jess xo

  4. so lucky to get a free lipgloss! i only have sugarbomb which got in a giveaway. like it a lot!

    A Beautiful Zen

  5. wow, i never get that ikinda lucky!


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