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February 12, 2014

A Plethora of New Brushes: Real Techniques and EcoTools

Buffing Multi task liner foundation setting crease Brush

I don't have much in the way of an excuse for this excessive influx of new brushes… I just wanted them. I really never get tired of the Real Techniques brushes that I already own (I own the Core Collection and the Starter Set) and I don't really talk about them much. I also saw the EcoTools brush set on quite a few blogs and I finally caved and bought it in the hopes that I might find myself an even more affordable alternative to Real Techniques brushes.

Buffing Multi task liner foundation setting crease Brush
Buffing Multi task liner foundation setting crease Brush

The "Sam's Picks' set from Real Techniques contains six brushes - a Multi-Task Brush, a Setting Brush, a Buffing Brush, a Liquid Foundation Brush, an Essential Crease Brush (limited edition for this set only) and a Fine Liner Brush. 

I loved the look of the Multi-Task Brush for the application of power (which I do throughout the day to mattify my t-zone) and it also works well for bronzing. The Setting Brush is fantastic for blending concealer, especially under my eyes, and I think I'll get  a lot of use out of it. The Buffing Brush is already a favourite of mine and I use it to apply liquid foundation - I would highly recommend this brush to everyone. The Liquid Foundation Brush is the only one I won't get much use out of, I just don't really like using it. The Essential Crease Brush is great for blending out eyeshadow and I find that I can never have enough of these sorts of brushes. Finally, the Fine Liner Brush is great for finely applying eyeliner, especially if you use eyeshadow as liner - which I often do.

This set has an RRP of £29.99 on FeelUnique and I feel as though it is well worth the money. I highly rate Real Techniques Brushes as they're wonderful quality, very soft and they last well. I've had my other brushes for nearly a year now and they feel almost as good as they did when I first bought them. They're worth investing in. 

The EcoTools Fresh and Flawless Brush Set contains five brushes - a Flat Concealer Brush, a Buffing Concealer Brush,  a Precision Foundation Brush, a Complexion Blending Brush and a Powder Brush.

I'm not as impressed with the quality of these EcoTools brushes compared to the Real Techniques brushes mentioned above. I don't like Flat Foundation and Flat Concealer Brushes so I don't have much to say on those and the Buffing Concealer Brush is a little bit scratchy (which I was very disappointed about) so this would put me off using it on my eye area. The set is redeemed a bit by the Complexion Blending Brush, which I find works well when used to buff liquid foundation into the skin. The Powder Brush is also good as it applies product lightly and evenly.

This set has an RRP of £11.99 on FeelUnique which I feel is very reasonable given how much I like two of the brushes and I'm sure I'll find an alternative use for the two flat brushes which will make the set more worthwhile.

RT versus EcoTools

I thought I would also just show you a comparison of the Real Techniques Buffing Brush and the two larger EcoTools brushes so you can appreciate the EcoTool brush sizes a little better. They really are quite dinky in comparison! All in all, I definitely prefer the Real Techniques Brushes as they're all very high quality but I am pleased with a few of the EcoTools brushes so I'm glad I picked up the set.

Have you tried any Real Techniques or EcoTools brushes? What make-up brushes do you use?



  1. Real Techniques brushes are amazing aren't they? I've got a couple of Eco Tools brushes and do like them, but I almost always just use RT brushes these days x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

  2. I have the Core Collection and the Starter kit too and I use them pretty much everyday. I have never used any Eco Tools brushes before but I don't think that they will ever be as amazing as the RT ones! xx

  3. I have that same Real Techniques set and I love it so much. I'm the same in that I can't find a use for the liquid foundation brush, but I'm thinking of using it to apply my highlighter. x

  4. I really, really, really want that real techiques set! I love real techiques, it took me a long time to try them, and now I love them.

    Catherine x

  5. I love the Eco Tools brush set & I use it when I travel, its so handy. The RT set is fab too & I really want it. There are quite a few brushes I do not have

  6. I picked up my first EcoTools brush in TKMaxx recently - a retractable kabuki. It's nice but I have a feeling I'd prefer the RT version, I just seem to love all their face brushes! xx

  7. I love the EcoTools blush brush, there has been no fallout and it applies blush beautifully
    These Days are Fast

  8. I am looking at purchasing a real techniques set, have you tried anymore sets? I'm unsure on which to get although this one is very pretty. xx

  9. I love the Sam's Picks set - the essential crease brush is perfection and the buffing brush is fab for quickly applying any foundation :)

    Jasmine // Magpie Jasmine


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