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February 14, 2014

Skin SOS? Sort it out with Skin Shop

Recently I've been trying out a few products from Skin Shop, all of which are great for helping with various  beauty maladies! 

Silver Serum RRP £12.95* (link here)
This is my favourite of the three products I've tried. It's a very light serum containing MacroSilver which is supposed to help bad (spot-causing) bacteria that might be lurking on your skin and it stays active on the skin for up to eight hours. Unlike other spot treatments I've tried it feels very gentle and non-drying and I have definitely found that it has helped prevent the appearance of as many blemishes - especially around my jawline where I often get breakouts. It's free of parabens and fragrance and is definitely suitable for sensitive skin and I would highly recommend it to those who suffer from repeated breakouts in specific areas of the face. 

Liquorice Balm RRP £7.95* (link here)
This Liquorice Balm has an oily consistency and it isn't the most hydrating. However, it's unique selling point is that liquorice is supposed to be good at preventing and treating the breakout of cold sores. So if you're someone who suffers from cold sores (I do, but only very occasionally) it is very handy to have a product like this in my beauty arsenal. I have used it and given it a good try and I have to admit that as a lip balm in itself it isn't my favourite product, but I'll definitely reach for it in the future at times when I think a preventative measure might be a good idea!

Caviar Face Mask RRP £14.95* for 3 (link here)
This is the first of this type of face mask that I've tried and I have to admit that it was quite the experience! You lie the mask over your face and let the product sink into the skin for about half an hour. I personally found that making time to have half an hour of total peace and quiet to think was one of the greatest benefits of using this product. It gives you an excuse to pamper not only your skin but to rest your mind, which in our everyday lives generally gets overworked. The product itself is nice and I had no issues with sensitivity or breakouts. I definitely feel as though the price is justified and I found that the whole experience was worth the time you need to invest in using the mask. It helps give skin a rejuvenated appearance and texture and I'd definitely reach for this again when I wanted my skin to look fresh and glowing.

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you - I hope you all have a wonderful day whatever it is you might be getting up to! I'd love to know what products you turn to when your skin is playing up.


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  1. I like the sound of the serum and balm! the serum is very tempting.

    Catherine x


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