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January 03, 2016

My 2015 Beauty Favourites

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Happy 2016! Last year I celebrated my third year of writing this blog (mental!) and now more of you then ever before are reading each month. It's an amazing feeling to know that so many people get to see something that I've created and I want to say thank you. Thank you so much for reading, for commenting, for tweeting etc. I appreciate all of you so, so much - the beauty community has helped me stick to blogging, and even when I've had stumbles and haven't blogged in a while, I've always come back because it's oh so worth coming back to. 

Today I'm sharing my favourite beauty products from 2015 - it's not the shortest of lists, but there are some incredible finds on here. It's been a great year for beauty finds!

2015 Beauty Favourites: onelittlevice beauty blog

Lush's Rosey Cheeks Face Mask

I'm a long term fan of Lush's face mask line-up, but this year they knocked the ball out of the park with their newly released Rosey Cheeks Face Mask. If you love Lush's Fresh Face Masks but hate the bitty consistency of most of the range (which makes the mask crumble and flake off your face as it dries) then you're going to love the thick and smooth consistency of Rosey Cheeks. You get the same beautiful fresh-out-of-the-fridge cooling feeling but this mask is really easy to spread across your skin and it also won't end up on your t-shirt. I also found that for a clay based mask Rosey Cheeks is actually pretty easy to remove, so it won't irritate sensitive skin types. In terms of effectiveness, I saw instant improvement in my skin when I used this mask. I found that it helped to calm my skin, and very gently improved the appearance of my pores. I really, really enjoyed reaching for this rose-clay mask, and if it didn't have a short shelf-life then I'd have it in my line-up at all times. It also inspired my purchase of the next product on my favourites list, Caudalie's Instant Detox Mask - which FYI is also a rose clay mask.

2015 Beauty Favourites Review

Caudalie Face Masks - Purifying* and Instant Detox

I was lucky enough to be sent Caudalie's Purifying Mask early on in 2015 for review purposes and after my first application I knew I'd stumbled across a good thing. After years of putting up with heavy and thick clay masks (such as Origins Clear Improvements Active Charcoal Mask) I was really enjoying using these thinner, yet just as effective, clearing and clarifying clay masks. I blitzed through most of the tube before I decided to purchase another face mask from Caudalie's line-up - the Instant Detox Mask. I like both of these masks but I think that my love of rose clay means that the Instant Detox Mask ranks slightly higher on my repurchase list. Whilst the Purifying mask does an amazing job on sensitive, spotty and hormonal skin, the Instant Detox Mask just feels like it does a bit more oil-control - which for some reason I've really been needing this winter. All in all, I really recommend both of these face masks and I'd repurchase them both based on the great results that I've experienced whilst using them.

2015 Beauty Favourites: one little vice beauty blog

Green People Cleanse and Makeup Remover 

It wasn't very hard to pick out my favourite cleanser this year. Although I spent most of the year using Murad's Essential C Cleanser* (which I also really liked using), nothing I've tried so far has beaten Green People's organic, rose-scented, cream cleanser. As far as my skin is concerned, this stuff is just perfect. It's thick and nourishing but not so much as to clog my pores, and it does a wonderful job of leaving my skin clean and healthy-looking. I love that it's a natural and organic product, and although some people might think that it has a relatively steep purchase price, I can confirm that a little goes a very long way, so this 200ml bottle will last months. Personally, I think that it's totally worth investing in this cleanser won't be leaving my routine anytime soon.

onelittlevice beauty blog: 2015 beauty favourites

Nourish Kale Enzymatic Cleanser*

Nourish is a natural and organic beauty brand that I discovered this year and I am absolutely head over heels in love with this multi-purpose enzymatic cleanser/mask. I've used it as a cleanser before but I definitely prefer using it as a once-a-week pore de-clogging and complexion brightening face mask. It leaves my skin looking and feeling soft and radiant, and on weeks when I don't reach for it there isn't a makeup product in the world that can make up for the difference in my skin. I've used up two of these cleansers during 2015 and I'll be repurchasing this product throughout the coming year. Nourish is a brand that I'd very highly recommend and I'm definitely keen to incorporate more of their products into my routine this year.

2015 beauty favourites: one little vice beauty blog

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Light

I don't think that the inclusion of Vichy's Aquaria Thermal Light moisturiser will be a surprise to anyone - I full on raved about it during the summer. Surprisingly enough, it lasted the test of time and I've been using it throughout the winter too, so it isn't just a one-trick/one-season pony. If you have dehydrated and sensitive skin then Vichy's Aqualia range will be a good pick for you. I've found that it helps to inject some much needed hydration back into my skin without being too heavy or causing more blackheads or breakouts. I particularly love the refreshing gel texture of the Light version, it just works beautifully with the light, fresh Aqualia Thermal Serum. Considering I've been using this moisturiser non-stop for nearly half of 2015, it's safe to say that this has been one of the biggest beauty hits on my calendar. I have no doubt that I'll be repurchasing this throughout 2016.

onelittlevice beauty blog: 2015 beauty favourites

ESPA Pro Serum*

ESPA is another brand that entered my beauty radar during 2015. I've been lucky enough to work with the brand who have very kindly sent me a range of their products to try out throughout the year. I have to admit that there have been more than one amazing product in their line-up, but my absolute favourite is their Optimal Skin Pro Serum. This facial oil is just downright incredible. It doesn't matter what sort of skin day I'm having - from hormonal break-outs to dehydrated and unhappy hungover mornings - it always leaves my skin looking fresher and healthier. If you struggle with dry and lacklustre skin, then I'd really recommend ESPA's Pro Serum. It sinks into my skin so quickly so I find that I can use it morning or night, and it's a failsafe product. But if is doesn't sound like something for you, I'd still recommend the other two products pictured in the photo above - they're both gorgeous too.

2015 Beauty blogger favourites: one little vice beauty blog

Pacifica's Body Butter in Tuscan Orange

I haven't tried much from Pacifica's beauty range, but their vegan-friendly body butters are out of this world good. Usually when I hear the phrase "body butter" I cringe in terror at the idea of a solid mass of thick unyielding moisturiser that takes a year and a day to sink into my skin. Pacifica's Body Butters are the total opposite - they have a thick lotion consistency and when you massage them into your skin they emulsify, becoming rich and creamy. The Tuscan Orange scent is by far my favourite, but I've recently purchased the Persian Rose variety to try something new. I would really highly recommend the range, especially as I think they're great value for money.

Mio Skincare The A Cream*

This is another really incredibly moisturiser. If you struggle with dry skin then I think that this could be somewhat of a game changer. Mio Skincare's products are scientifically formulated to give great results, and that's definitely been my experience with The A Cream. It leaves my skin soft and supple, and the results are really long-lasting. This means that you can moisturise less often than you might otherwise have to with your usual body moisturiser, saving you from wasting time and product. I think that The A Cream is more of an "investment" product than Pacifica's body butters, but I just couldn't miss it off my list of favourites as I've really enjoyed using it this year.

2015 Beauty Blogger Favourites

I don't know if there will ever be a year when I miss off L'Occitane's almond range from my beauty favourites. Last year I had a particular love affair with the Almond Milk Concentrate, but this year I've gotten a lot more use out of the Almond Shower Oil. If you shave your legs or your underarms then I'd high recommend using this shower oil in place of your usual shaving foam. You'll get the closest shave of your life! Apart from being really functional in that way, it's also an incredibly beautiful shower product. On contact with water it foams up into a rich lather with a heady, musky scent that I simply adore. 

2015 Beauty Blogger Favourites

This styling cream was my first introduction to ColorWow's haircare line, and let's just say that things got off to a glowing start. I used this for about six months straight, and I found that it helped with pretty much every hair issue I ever suffered with. If you need or want a one-stop styling product then this is definitely my pick. During 2015 I was really lazy with my haircare routine (I've slightly fixed things now) and this ColorWow styling cream was a thing of wonder for helping my hair to look it's best. When I next go on holiday, go travelling or just want to revert to my speedy styling routine, then this is the product I'll be reaching for. This year I'll definitely be looking to try more from the brand, I think they'll almost certainly have other impressive products worth raving about.

2015 beauty blogger favourites

Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Creme Oil*

I've been using Sexy Hair's leave in creams for years (I'd really recommend the brand). This year I discovered their Soy Renewal Creme Oil and I think it's one of the best leave in conditioners that I've ever used. It's thicker in consistency than Sexy Hair's spray-in leave-in-conditioners and I actually prefer the cream formulation, it seems to do more for my hair. What's so special about this particular product is that it contains argan oil in a cream formula, so fine hair types can benefit from the hydrating, softening and shine-enhancing properties without being weighed down by an oil. I think the brand have hit the nail on the head as from my months of using the Soy Renewal Creme Oil it's delivered on every one of it's many promises. I'd definitely like to repurchase this in 2016 (especially as I'm nearly all done with this tube) and I'd highly recommend it to anyone out there with fine hair.

2015 Beauty Blogger Favourites

Maybelline Colour Tattoo Matte Cream Eyeshadows

It took me a while to fall in love with Maybelline Creamy Mattes formula, but I can safely say that they've become my most worn eyeshadows this year. I own three shades; Crème de Rose, Crème de Nude and Creamy Brown. I probably get the most wear out of the shade Creamy Brown, but I also found that Crème de Rose is a great dupe for Mac's Painterly Paint Pot. I find that for the best possible wear time I still have to apply these cream eyeshadows over the top of a primer, but I love the subtle definition that these light, neutral colours add to my eye area. I'd definitely recommend and if the line is extended then I'd love to pick up some more colours.

2015 Beauty Blogger Favourites

Benefit Gimme Brow*

My eyebrow routine has been the same for ages now; I fill in my brows with one of Japonesque's powder eyeshadows and then I top up with Benefit's Gimme Brow for some extra thickness and hold. As a combination I find that they work perfectly together, and Gimme Brow is by far the best eyebrow gel I've tried so far. I love how tiny the wand is, it makes application really easy and foolproof - you won't get product anywhere that you don't want it. On days when I'm not wearing much makeup I can definitely get away with just applying Gimme Brow to my eyebrows, which has saved me loads of time throughout the year. I'd definitely recommend it and I'll absolutely be repurchasing it when mine is finished.

2015 Beauty Blogger Favourites

Chanel Coco Shine Lipstick in Aura

I've worn some truly lovely lipsticks this year but, without a shadow of a doubt, Chanel's Coco Shine Lipstick formula is the nicest one I've come across in a long, long time. On your lips, the Coco Shine lipsticks feel a lot like balms as the consistency is thick, soft and incredibly glossy. However, they hang around on the lips for much longer than balms, and the colour payoff is much better too. If you're looking for a nourishing, glossy lipstick that isn't even remotely sticky, then I'd highly recommend Chanel's Coco Shine Lipsticks. I'm already eyeing up which new shade to get for the spring/summer months, so it's safe to say that despite the luxury price tag I definitely think these lipsticks are worth buying.

2015 Beauty Blogger Favourites

Becca Beach Tint Shimmer Souffle

I've got a whole blog post dedicated to these gorgeous Becca blushes which will be coming soon, but for now I can just throw my arms in the air in admiration of the gorgeous formula and subtle, wearable colour range. I absolutely adore Becca's Beach Tint Shimmer Souffles, I received the shade Fig/Opal for my birthday back in July and it became an instant favourite. I find it effortless to apply with my fingers and blend out for a healthy dose of colour. The mix of colour with highlighter means that in one application you also get the addition of a subtle glow - basically, this stuff is every lazy girl's dream. I actually received another shade for Christmas, so I'm super super excited to be wearing this throughout 2016. Honestly, go out and swatch these for yourself - you won't regret it!

By Terry Cellularose Blush Glace

My other luxury beauty favourite is By Terry's gorgeous Cellularose Blush Glaces, another cream blush product. However, unlike the Becca Beach Tints which have a mousse consistency, these By Terry blushes have the most gorgeous refreshing gel formula which is really easy to apply and blend. I have the bright, baby pink shade and it's my go-to blush shade for when I want my complexion to look brighter. A tiny amount goes a very long way, so although this is an expensive investment I think that it will last ages. In terms of a first impression of the brand, these blushes have left me seriously excited to explore more from By Terry. I'd highly recommend these!

So that concludes my 2015 beauty favourites. I'd love to know if you've tried any of the products mentioned in today's post, and what are some of your favourite beauty products from the last year?


  1. Lush's Rosey Cheeks Face Mask is one of my favourite too! Every time I use it, the following morning my face is so smooth.

    Kerri @ Beauty & Things

  2. Nice post, i want to try the caudalie masks i have heard great reviews on its products

  3. I must try some of these! I've just discovered Color Tattoo (in Pink Gold) and that Almond shower gel and I'm in love with both :D so many more I must try, especially Lush Rosey Cheeks! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (doing follow for follow on bloglovin or instagram)

  4. Nice mix of favourites! I've re-purchased the Green People quite a few times now. I'm going to have to make a note of those Caudalie masks for the future xx

    Ramblings of a Beauty Bird | Beauty Blog

  5. I am so keen to try out that Lush face mask now, it sounds amazing!! I've also such great things about the Becca shimmer souffle, and now you've sold me on it, adding that to the shopping list haha
    We have done a 2015 Favourites post also, we would love if you could check it out if you have a chance :) Thanks! xx


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