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January 01, 2016

Lush Boxing Day Sale Haul

onelittlevice beauty blog: Lush Christmas Gift Discounts

My Lush Boxing Day Sale Haul is repeatedly one of my most viewed posts at this time of year, and although I skipped out on the Lush Boxing Day frenzy last year I'm back today with a second instalment. 

Now that I'm back in London I've got more Lush stores to choose between, and I actually visited two different shops over a three day period. I didn't head out into central London on Boxing Day because I assumed it would be too stressful. Instead, I went into Waterloo's Lush store on the Monday after Christmas, as the station had been closed over the weekend, and most of the Christmas products were still available when I got there.

However, I needn't have been so worried about missing out on Lush's Boxing Day discounts. I visited Lush's Oxford Street flagship store as late as the Wednesday after Christmas and there were still mountains of discounted products - both limited edition and regular products - and I picked up a few more things whilst I was there.

one little vice beauty blog: Lush Rose Jam and Snow Fairy Shower Gel

The first thing I bought were two bottles of Lush's Rose Jam Shower Gel - one of my favourite Lush scents. If you love turkish delight then this is one for you, I really think that Rose Jam has a similar richness and sweetness. I would have liked to pick up a 250ml or even a larger sized bottle but there were only 100ml bottles available when I visited. Still, I was very happy to take a couple of these home with me.

I also picked up a single bottle of Lush's Snow Fairy Shower Gel, a scent which is gloriously sweet and perfect for indulgent, girly showers. I don't usually buy Snow Fairy when it's full price because there are other Lush shower gels from their main line that I tend to prefer, but with a 50% discount I just couldn't help myself.

one little vice beauty blog: Lush Snow Melt Bath Melt

Another limited edition Christmas product that I picked up in the Boxing Day sale was Lush's Snow Melt Bath Melt, a hydrating mix of oils and shea butter that promises to nourish dry winter skin. I saw this at the checkout and was tempted to give it a try. I haven't tried any of Lush's new small bath oil melts (available at the Oxford Street Store) so I thought that this might be a nice place to start.

one little vice beauty blog: Lush Butterbear Bath Bomb

Whilst we're on the subject of bath goodies, I also picked up this totally adorable Butterbear Christmas Gift Set which contains six Lush Butterbear bath bombs. I can't deny that I was absolutely swayed by the packaging - I mean, just look at it. As soon as I saw it on the shelf I knew that the tin would be perfect to reuse in my bathroom, and the six bath bombs were just a very happy extra.

onelittlevice beauty blog: Lush Cranberry Face Mask

Another Christmas product that I was really happy to see in the sale was Lush's Cranberry Face Mask. I've already had a chance to use this and I'm very happy to report that it's amazing. It reminds me a lot of Lush's new Rosey Cheeks face mask, as it applies in the same smooth and even way, but it's much lighter and fresher feeling on the skin. I'm really glad to have discovered it this year and I hope that Lush bring it back next Christmas!

onelittlevice beauty blog: Lush Deo my B.O.

The last product I picked up in my Lush Boxing Day Haul was one of Lush's Deo my B.O. Deodorant. I haven't tried any of Lush's deodorants before, so when I saw that this had 50% off I thought that it was a good excuse to try it out - handing over £3 rather than £6 for a deodorant feels much more reasonable! But who knows, maybe this will be an incredible find that's totally worth it's full asking price, I'll have to test it out and report back later on in the year.

Did you pick up anything in Lush's Boxing Day Sale? I was pretty disappointed with Lush's online sale - the website kept crashing all day - but there were so many products left in store, so it really encouraged me to go back and check there next year. 

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  1. I lost my patience with the website this year! I would have loved the Rose Jam & Snow Fairy shower gels though! xx

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