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March 01, 2016

Look Fantastic Beauty Box March #LFExplorer

one little vice beauty blog: #lfexplorer contents
onelittlevice beauty blog: #LFExplorer review

Look Fantastic's March Beauty Box* (£15.00) arrived on my doorstep yesterday and I can't deny that I'm pretty darn impressed with this month's box! It features a terrific array of beauty brands as well as some lovely makeup items, which I for one am always begging beauty boxes to include. And as if the contents weren't enough, let's take a minute to appreciate this month's new box design - I know that this is one I'll be keeping to store my beauty bits and bobs. Plus, just like February, March's beauty box also comes with a magazine, scroll down to find out which one.

one little vice beauty blog: look fantastic beauty box march

Codage Moisturising Mask | £42.00 for 50ml
 I was so pleased to see Codage make another appearance in March's box - a while back I received Codage's "Scrubbing Cream" in one of Look Fantastic's boxes and I absolutely loved it. The brand is most certainly on the pricier end of the spectrum but I was really impressed with the quality of the last product I tried. During February my skin completely transformed into a dry nightmare (long gone are the days when I used to complain about my oily t-zone) so I'm loving the sound of this moisturising mask. 

one little vice beauty blog: Look Fantastic March Beauty Box Contents

 I've heard a lot of good things about First Aid Beauty's skincare range, and I seem to remember seeing a lot of positive reviews for this specific product on YouTube a while back. If your skin is suffering in this winter weather (I know mine is) then this sort of intense hydrating product might really help nourish dry patches and soothe redness.

Lottie London Shade and Shadow Brush | £4.99
Revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balm in Demure | £7.99

I was a little surprised to see two makeup items in Look Fantastic's March box, especially these too! I don't think that LookFantastic stock Revlon, but I'm not complaining because I'm really looking forward to trying this glossy lip crayon. I've tried the matte equivalents but I find them quite drying so I hope that the formula of these ones are a little bit more forgiving. As for the shadow brush, I firmly believe that you can't have enough eyeshadow brushes. No matter what I do, when it comes to eyeshadow the brushes I need always seem to be dirty! I haven't tried much from Lottie London so I'm looking forward to seeing what the quality is like.

one little vice beauty blog: Look Fantastic March Beauty Box

This beauty box really has the moisturisers down doesn't it? This one from Nuxe is aimed towards Normal/Combination skin so it does still bring something slightly different to the table, and once again it's a very generous sample size. If you're planning to go away on holiday in the next couple of months then this is the beauty box worth getting to stock up on the skincare minis. 

onelittlevice beauty blog: Look Fantastic March Beauty Box

Caudalie Micellar Cleansing Water | £9.00 for 100mlCaudalie and the #LFBeautyBox have a great relationship, and the brand pops up in many of their boxes. Personally, I'm a fan of this partnership. I absolutely love Caudalie's skincare and body care products and it's really nice to get decently sized samples to trial before going out to purchase the full-size. Cleansers and micellar waters are one of the skincare items that I finish most often, so I'm looking forward to trying this one out soon to see how it compares to my existing favourites.

one little vice beauty blog: #lfexplorer review

These seem to have come at just about the right time for me! I don't usually drink these sorts of vitamin supplement drinks but they're definitely handy to have around for those sick or hungover mornings where you just don't feel like yourself. However, that being said, I am glad that these are an "extra" in this month's box rather than taking the place of a beauty product.

And Look Fantastic's March Beauty Box also comes with the new issue of Elle Magazine!

one little vice beauty blog

What do you think of March's Look Fantastic Beauty Box*? It's available to buy from today, March 1st, for £15.00.


  1. Looks like pretty awesome box to subscribe to! xo

  2. Amazing box also this month. I am really looking forward to receive it. Bsss

  3. Hey, sorry if my question is not related to this post, the post I'm supposed to comment on is quite old so Idk if you'd notice. I'm planning to get the Revlon colorstay foundation and I'm on the fence about both 2 shades 150 & 180, in your swatch photo the 150 looks more yellow but it goes on more neutral? I have fair skin with very strong yellow undertones so finding something that's fair enough but not pink or orange is really hard for me. Hope you can help!

    1. Don't worry about commenting here, that's totally fine :)

      I know what you mean about how it looks yellow toned in the swatch and not so yellow on my skin - I think this is for two reasons. Firstly, I apply my foundation with a beauty blender style sponge, which gives a thin coverage of product (thus, it looks less yellow than my swatch which is thicker). Secondly, I have a lot of redness in my skin and the yellow tone of shade 150 helps to counteract that redness, and leaves my skin looking more neutral looking in tone.

      I think that if you had yellow-toned skin (rather than a lot of red undertones like me) then the 150 will look more yellow in tone once applied to your skin, and by the sounds of it it will therefore match your skin colour better than shade 180.

      If you have fair skin then 180 looks considerably darker than 150 when applied to the skin. 150 is my "winter colour" when my skin is paler, and 180 looks best on me when my skin is more tanned. And I mix the two together when I need to. Personally, I love having both shades as I can tailor make my perfect colour, but it sounds to me like 150 might be better for you. I hope that was helpful! Let me know if you use twitter and leave your handle, as I can follow you on there and reply more quickly in future :) xx

    2. Thank you for the reply! I ended up getting 150 but it still doesn't match me bc I'm so yellow lol, I recently just got the Bourjois healthy mix foundation which I heard is more catered to yellow toned skin and it was the perfect match for me. I use 150 to highlight now :)

  4. This a great box! Love the fact it comes with a magazine too xx

    Ramblings of a Beauty Bird | Beauty Blog

  5. I think this is a superb beauty box & somehow I've not yet subscribed so I think next month i will do so. Thanks x

  6. Products in this month's eddition looks like somethign worth trying!xx


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