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April 20, 2016

A Love Affair with Roger & Gallet's Perfumed Body Oils

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Back in December I bought myself another bottle of Roger & Gallet's Fleur de Figuier Nourishing Body Oil, which in my opinion is not only one of the best body oils but it also happens to be one of my favourite fragrances too. I absolutely adore this stuff - it leaves my skin feeling incredibly, it leaves me smelling like a summer afternoon and it makes me feel happier the moment that I apply it to my skin. If there was ever a pick-me-up in a bottle then this is the stuff. Anyway, as I was waxing lyrical on twitter about my appreciation for the Fleur de Figuier fragrance, the lovely people over at Roger & Gallet got in touch to remind me that there are actually two other fragrances in their nourishing body oil range. Surprisingly, this was actually news to me as I've only ever seen the Fleur de Figuier oil online so they very kindly sent over the other two versions for me to try out.

Welcome Roger & Gallet's Fleur d'Osmanthus Perfumed Beauty Oil* and Roger & Gallet's Bois d'Orange Perfumed Dry Oil* into my life. I don't know if the new more compact bottle (pictured in my photo) has been rolled out across the whole line or just for these two scents, but I actually prefer it. I love the luxe heavy glass bottle and the lovely cap, but the Fleur de Figuier body oil is quite tall and I do quite often knock it over. So far it hasn't yet broken, but it has been a worry of mine! I've already found the more compact bottles much less prone to being knocked over, so I'd much rather purchase these in the future. They demonstrate the same high quality and look gorgeous housed next to the perfumes on my dressing table.

I feel as though both Fleur d'Osmanthus and Bois d'Orange are slightly lighter in consistency to the Fleur de Figuier Nourishing Oil, which makes them a great choice for the warmer seasons when my skin doesn't need the same degree of pampering. Additionally, this also means that they absorb more quickly, so they're perfect for last-minute spritzes. I can definitely see myself reaching for them in the warmer months when I want any exposed skin to look soft and freshly moisturised. Plus, and this is my favourite bit, they both also offer a long-lasting dose of perfume that lingers really nicely on my skin. I still love the Fleur de Figuier fragrance (rich, warm and fruity) but Bois d'Orange has become an unlikely new favourite; its citrus notes are delicate and refreshing, with a more subtle and spring appropriate feel. Fleur d'Osmanthus isn't too dissimilar but it definitely has a more floral aspect, which I don't personally enjoy quite as much.

All in all, I'm still a big fan of my original favourite but I've definitely found a spring body oil alternative in Bois d'Orange. I can see myself repurchasing from this range for a long, long time to come - I usually order mine online from Escentual for £21.65 each, or from FeelUnique for £25.50.

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  1. These look and sound so nice! I've been looking for a good body oil for a while and these sound like they might be worth trying xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge


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