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June 13, 2016

Céline Tote Bag: Cabas vs Hobo

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Last September I sold a pre-loved classic Céline Cabas Tote in medium brown leather, and it was the first time that I'd ever handled a Céline bag. If you haven't ever come across these tote bags then you might be surprised to learn that these plain leather models retail new for approximately £800, and pre-loved pieces can usually be bought for around half that amount.

For such a simple design I was pretty impressed with the Cabas Tote's quality. The leather was buttery smooth, all the seams were strong and sturdy, and the strap drop was just right for wearing the bag on the crook of the arm. The Cabas Tote is well proportioned and although it's a large bag it's very lightweight. My only gripe is with the design of the handles - despite being a tote bag, because of the thin straps, you can't really keep much inside. When filled with the standard day-to-day essentials the bag has a tendency to look a little misshaped and the straps can become uncomfortable. Like all designer handbags, there are pros and cons worth considering before you invest.

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Since I sold the Cabas Tote I've been looking forward to the day when I got another change to handle and re-sell a new Céline bag. Since I began professionally re-selling pre-loved designer handbags, I've handled hundreds of bags and countless designers - and I have to admit, I still get pretty excited about Céline.

I very recently got my hands on a new pre-loved Céline bag, the Céline Cabas Hobo. It has a similar shape to the Cabas Tote, but features much wider straps with a longer strap drop. This means that the Cabas Hobo is really comfortable to wear on the shoulder. The whole vibe of the Cabas Hobo is slouchy and minimalist comfort, yet the exotic leather (Python skin) adds a toughness and an edginess that makes the bag more of a statement piece.

one little vice handbag blog

Personally, I think that compared to Céline's Cabas Tote, the Cabas Hobo is a much more practical design. Not only is it easier and more comfortable to carry, but because of the placement of the straps it has much less of a tendency to look misshapen whilst its being used. You tend to find fewer Cabas Hobos in the pre-loved bag market and this combination of exotic leather and classic smooth leather is in really good pre-loved condition.

The Céline Cabas Hobo featured in these photos is for sale, and if you're interested in seeing more photos and getting a quote on the price then please do email me at I'd be happy to answer any questions! And this is a good example of the quality of the pre-loved designer bags that you can expect to find on my online store once it launches.

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