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June 09, 2016

Clemsa Clutch Bags

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Clemsa's Leather Clutch Bags (£160-£300) have been on my wish list ever since I discovered the brand last September. It was the first time I'd found an independent handbag designer on Pinterest whose bags I just couldn't get out of my head. Their overall look is unlike anything I've seen anywhere else, and from copious internet bag-stalking I've also been impressed with the thoughtfulness of the design.

All of Clemsa's bags are designed by Sabrina Clementi, and they're handmade in Italy. They feature smooth panels of leather which give a smooth interior finish - there aren't any extra pockets or any lining, but this means that they're spacious and easy to keep clean. Smaller pieces of leather (usually square) are stitched onto the larger panels, and they build up into the final multi-layered "origami" finish. The design is simple but strong, making them statement pieces even in the more basic, staple colours.

onelittlevice handbag blog
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My favourite Clemsa bags are the ones made from metallic leather - especially the metallic navy blue. I think that the texture of the metallic leathers adds another dimension of interest to the bags, and it would also be less prone to scratching than the smoother leather. I do, however, acknowledge that the smooth, nude-pink leather clutch (pictured above) would make for a particularly versatile choice. Not only does it look nice paired with a black ensemble, but it would also work well with a spring and summer  palette.

There aren't too many articles or videos about Clemsa bags, but I have included one YouTube video below which I believe is shot inside the workshop where the bags are made. I found it interesting to see the bags in motion, and it gave me a better understanding of the various sizes that are available. I really like the smaller mini clutches, but I love the larger rectangular shape - I think this would probably be the most practical choice for me, as I love to carry around quite a lot when I go out for the evening.

I don't usually purchase from independent handbag designers but I really am impressed with Clemsa's clutch bags and I would love to add one to my collection. I'd love to know what you think of these bags - are they something that you'd wear? 

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