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August 06, 2016

Summer Skincare from Antipodes

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I really like Antipodes' skincare range. Ever since I first tried their Divine Oil, which must be three years ago now, I was just hooked on the brand. They offer great quality natural and organic skincare products at affordable prices, and the way that they make my skin look more than justifies my endless repurchasing. I am, however, lucky enough to work with Antipodes and they occasionally send me products to try out. The two skincare items featured in today's post have been sent to me by the brand, but they're both products that I've purchased for myself in the past and that I would be happy to spend my money on again.

onelittlevice beauty blog: summer skincare from antipodes

The first step in my evening routine has been Antipodes' Certified Organic Grapeseed Butter Cleanser* (£24.99). I first tested this out when I spotted in-store at As Nature Intended (a natural and organic hughstreet store) and I loved its indulgent, oily texture. When it comes to removing makeup - and the rest of the day's grime! - this product makes everything so easy. I scoop out a small amount of the cleanser with my fingers, rub my fingers together slightly to start the oils melting and then I gently massage this all over my face. To remove the product I usually use a wet muslin cloth or flannel, gently sweeping it across my face and making small circular motions to make sure that all the oil comes away from my skin. A real benefit of using a oil based cleanser is that after use your skin looks and feels so soft and smooth - much more so than a foaming cleanser, which can be really drying, especially for sensitive skin. If you have dry skin then this would be a fantastic addition to your routine, but even on my combination skin I find that it works really well and I haven't been suffering from as many blemishes lately.

one little vice beauty blog: Antipodes Natural Organic Skincare

After cleansing, I love to apply a facial oil. For a long time I was relying on heavy argan-based oils, which in fairness did always leave my skin feeling incredibly nourished. However, after a couple of hormonal skin flare-ups earlier in the year I found that I had some areas of pigmentation caused by old blemishes and I wanted a product that would improve their appearance. This is something that Antipodes Divine Oil* (£19.99) is really great at doing - it really does improve the appearance of my skin, helping to combat uneven skin-tone and acne scarring. It's not a miracle cure, but over time you do see a marked difference in your skin. Plus, as it's packed full of nourishing oils, it does leave your skin beautifully hydrated and soft. For me, it's been a great addition to my summer skincare routine and I actively look forward to applying it every evening. 

I love Antipodes' skincare range, and I think that the products offer very good value for money. I'd very much like to introduce Antipodes' eye cream and night cream into my routine - which would mean that my evening skincare routine would just consist of Antipodes' products. Ah, now that's the dream!

This post contains PR samples - marked with an asterisk (*)


  1. I have always been skeptical of facial oils, but this seems like a good product! x

  2. I've been wanting to try something from Antipodes for ages, the divine oil sounds great and perfect for my skin, might have to give it a go! x

  3. Thank you for featuring Antipodes on your blog Angelica, we are so pleased you enjoy using our products. Thank you for sharing the love. #lovethearoha


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