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August 02, 2016

Mac Up The Amp Lipstick Review

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I recently treated myself to a couple of new Mac lipsticks, I already wrote a post about Cosmo but today I'll be talking in depth about Mac's Up The Amp Lipstick (£15.50). This is another lipstick in Mac's Amplified Creme formula, and along with it's unusual colour the formulation is what drew me to purchase it. 

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Mac's Amplified Creme Lipsticks are incredibly creamy, and they glide onto the lips really easily imparting an opaque colour. Unlike Mac's Matte Lipsticks which are quite difficult to sheer-out for a more subtle touch of colour, I find it really easy to apply Mac's Amplified Creme Lipsticks in a number of different ways. Applied heavily (like in my swatches below) you get a straightforward opaque colour. However, you can also tap these into your lips for a more muted colour, and if you like experimenting with your makeup then this formula is also great for blending more than one colour together. Additionally, thanks to the higher than average proportion of caster oil in the Amplified Creme formulation, I find these lipsticks really comfortable to wear throughout the day.

one little vice beauty blog: Mac Up The Amp Swatch

Now, let's talk about the colour. Mac Up The Amp is an unusual lavender-toned mid-purple. It looks a lot cooler in tone in the bullet than it does when it's swatched or applied to the lips. After years of lip swatches, I really have realised that purples suit me better than brighter pinks and reds and I've become a lot more confident in wearing colours that once would have scared me. Up The Amp is exactly the sort of shade that I want to embrace. It offers an unusual pop of colour without being too difficult to wear. In fact, I find these sorts of purple shades to be a very modern take on statement lip colours and I definitely prefer wearing them to classic red lipstick.

Below, you can see what Up The Amp looks like compared to Cosmo, the other lipstick I bought. In the photo underneath you can see what Up The Amp looks like when applied to my lips, I applied it using my finger and smudged it in for a lighter finish - which is how I would probably always choose to wear it.

onelittlevice beauty blog: Mac Up The Amp Swatch vs Cosmo
onelittlevice beauty blog: Mac Up The Amp Review

For me, Mac's Up The Amp (Amplified Creme) Lipstick has quickly become a firm summer favourite. But what do you think about the colour? 

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