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January 28, 2017

Investing In Your Hair

one little vice beauty blog: hair oil for fine hair

In my blog post about my friday night routine I mentioned that I was making more of an effort to look after my hair. In 2016, I really did a good job of growing out my hair and taking better care of it, and this year I'm hoping to continue the trend and improve upon my existing habits. I know Moroccan Oil isn't exactly a "secret" in the beauty world, but I personally have friends who don't know about it and don't use it - so in this post I'm really speaking to everyone who hasn't tried Moroccan Oil, or who doesn't use it anymore, because I think that it is a fantastic product that's still worth talking about.

onelittlevice beauty blog: hair oil for fine hair

So, I've been using Moroccan Oil on and off for years - and I usually purchase the little 20ml bottles, because at approximately £13 a pop they feel more affordable than blowing £30+ on 100ml. I've never been one to spend a huge amount on my haircare. I'll admit that I love K√©rastase, and I really like Redken, but I'm usually happy with more affordable brands like Korres and Aussie. I feel like this is also the case for most of my friends, and there's no shame in that - if it's cheap and it works for you then I'd consider that a good beauty choice. However, even if you're a Herbal Essences girl through-and-through I really believe that there is a place in your routine for a product like Moroccan Oil. 

I'll walk you through my typical haircare routine; I shampoo, condition, and then towel dry my hair before adding a small amount of Moroccan Oil into the lengths and ends. This final step is what makes all the difference for my hair, it transforms it from 'clean and tidy' to 'shiny and pretty' - and people comment on it too. When I don't use it my family (and it's always my family, maybe it's the brutal honesty of close acquaintances!) tell me that my hair isn't looking so good. And when I do use Moroccan Oil I get people I don't even know that well asking me whether I've done anything special to my hair. For me, using Moroccan Oil has become a lot like using a moisturiser, I use it everyday and it helps me look like a better version of myself. 

one little vice beauty blog: hair oil for fine hair

I don't think anyone "needs" a product like this, because it is a luxury and it's not essential. However, if you're already able and willing to buy designer lipsticks, fragrances or skincare then I think that there's an argument to be made for investing in your haircare too. I finally admitted to myself that Moroccan Oil is one of my everyday beauty staples and decided to splash out on a 100ml bottle - and the universe rewarded me kindly. I found this Moroccan Oil haircare set on offer from Look Fantastic for just £23.80, meaning that my next six months of shiny hair have come at a bargain price. And if you're interesting in trying it out for yourself then you have one of two choices; if you have fine hair then I'd recommend opting for the 'Light' version like I have, but for anyone with thicker hair then the Original version is definitely best.


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  1. I really want to take better care of my hair this year!


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