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August 24, 2013

So...? Fragrance with Attitude Goody Bag and a Giveaway!

Last week I posted about my time at the So....? Sexy launch  and today I'm going to quickly show you what I was lucky enough to take home with me from the event in the goody bag. Now, I haven't tried many So...? products in the past so even though the brand is definitely more associated with girls a little bit younger than myself I was very happy to be able to try out some of the range. Before I started blogging I'd never tried any So...? products and up until now I've only tried their dry shampoos (which are actually very good - and don't leave  a white cast on the hair). 

While I was at the event I got to smell the entire range of fragrances and my favourite was definitely So...? In Love closely seconded by So...? Enticing* - which I just happened to get in my goody bag! It's a very sweet, girly scent but it isn't overly strong so it's hard to over do it. It doesn't last all day but the packaging is sturdy enough for it to be flung into my handbag. I'll probably use this after gym sessions as my other perfumes aren't really transportable.

Did you know that So...? did lip glosses? Because I didn't! I saw these at the event and I got a pair of them in my goody bag. They smell very sweet but the scents are actually quite nice. The lip glosses are aligned with fragrances and I've only tried the So...? Fab* lip gloss so far but I found that it wasn't sticky at all (thank goodness) and offered a very sheer wash of colour that wasn't sparkly. I haven't opened the So...? In Love* lip gloss tube so I'm going to include that in the little giveaway that I'll go into more detail about below!

Another item in my goody bag was the So...? Exclusive* fragrance that comes in a velvet box! I took it out of the box to take photos but I haven't sprayed any of the perfume. I smelt this at the event and I liked it but it's a little bit strong for me - think statement, evening scent. I love the bottle though! Shaped like a microphone it'll give you something to sing into as you dance around your room (you'll find me doing just that to Taylor Swift pretty much every morning). 

So, now for the fun bit! I'm going to be giving away the bottle of So...? Exclusive fragrance*, the So...? In Love lip gloss* and the So...? Va Va Volume Dry Shampoo*. Three prizes for one lucky winner. The giveaway is only for those who follow my blog via Bloglovin'.



    have a good weekend

  2. so.. exclusive is really looking so cool.

  3. Ohhh great products & great giveaway!
    I would love to win the So?...Exclusive Fragrance x

  4. Loving the look of the lipglosses! (:

  5. I want all of them! lol. But I've never tried a dry shampoo and I've been dying to.

  6. I haven't tried so products in years! I would be most excited to try the fragrance
    Kirsty x

  7. I've tried quite a few of the so...? fragrances and body sprays in the past and I loved them all. I'd love to try the lip gloss and dry shampoo as I wasn't even aware that So...? made anything other than lovely, sweet girly fragrances!

    Great giveaway!

    The Miss Beauty Saver Blog

  8. The So...? Exclusive is what is interesting me!

  9. I was invited to this event but couldn't make it :( Lovely little giveaway, intrigued buy the dry shampoo. xx

  10. I love lip products so the gloss intregues me the most xx

  11. I would love to try the dry shampoo as I have only really ever used Batiste x

  12. i would most like to win the dry shampoo...would be nice to venture away from batiste x

  13. I would love to try the So...? Exclusive Fragrance!



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