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August 21, 2013

Review: Maybelline the Falsies Volum' Express Mascara in Brown

Whenever I saw this product on other blogs my first question was always "but whatever happened to the missing 'e'?" But as silly as the missing vowel is from Maybelline's the Falsies Volum' Express Mascara the product is good enough to overlook it.

I know for many people Maybelline are the be all and end all when it comes to mascaras. However, this is actually my first ever Maybelline mascara, like ever ever - even as a teen I always opted for Rimmel or Bourjois. And do you know what, I'm absurdly impressed. For £7.99 this mascara is a real find (albeit not one of my own as this was sent to me by the wonderful Kayleigh in a beauty swap). The brush is really fantastic at gripping all of your eyelashes and distributing enough product to make an impact but not so much as to make them clumpy. I definitely agree that it adds considerable volume to my lashes! It doesn't lengthen a huge amount though but I personally don't mind this - it lived up to what it claimed to do after all! 

I have this in Brown which makes it more wearable during the day and also gives me the option for slightly softer eye looks. If you don't have a brown mascara then I'd definitely recommend that you check this one out. Because the mascara really does plump up your lashes even though this is a softer shade compared to traditional black mascaras it still makes a visible difference to your eyes defining them subtly but not too much so. Also it's worth bearing in mind that I'm a waterpoof mascara fan (as mascaras tend to smudge on me) and despite this not being a waterproof formula I haven't seen a single smudge so far (I've been wearing this for about a month now). 

All in all my feelings toward this mascara are wholly positive! I will definitely be purchasing this in the future and would certainly recommend it. You can find this Mascara in Boots and Superdrug stores or online here for £7.99.

Have you tried Maybelline the Falsies Volum' Express Mascara before? Are there any mascaras you'd recommend for me to try out next?



  1. I've used this mascara before, it's good but I much prefer the ones from Cover Girl :)

  2. I think I tried this a few years ago but weren't too impressed. I love having a brown mascara in though, especially for bottom lashes, it's so much more subtle.

    Molly xx
    Lyon Notes

  3. Brown Mascaras are so natural.. It is good for everyday use, did not try this specific maybelline mascara though, I am currently loving their gel mascara.

  4. i have yet to get a brown mascara.. i guess that i'll pick one up soon ;)

    My Blog: Caught in a Daze.

  5. I love Maybelline Mascaras, most of them are great! The Falsies is my favourite because of all the volume I get without having my lashes look clumpy. Another Mascara I'd recommend by Maybelline is the 'One by One' mascara. It is fantastic and doesn't clump at all.

  6. I recently purchased The Falsies Flared and am so impressed! x


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