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August 23, 2013

On My Nails This Week: Essie's We're In It Together

I have to very kindly ask you to forgive me for the discrepancies in lighting between the two photos! I took them on different days and the English weather is thoroughly changeable, and thus so is the light. Lighting aside, this week's nail polish is from Essie again... I swear I do use other brands I'm just on a proper Essie 'trip' at the moment. We're In It Together is a rather unassuming baby pink shade but oh mama this number has the most beautiful shimmer running through it. Wear this on a sunny day and your nails will just light up, and looking at them will undoubtedly improve your day tenfold! 

This lasted okay on my nails (three days completely chip free) but if you pick up an Essie polish full price you'd expect more! This is another item that the lovely Kayleigh from BeautyWish sent me in our beauty swap (you can read about that here if you want) and she really chose splendidly. As I've said before, pinks are some of my favourites when it comes to nail polish - the backbone of manicures as far as I see it! 

Do you like the look of We're In It Together? I'm personally loving the name, haha! What nail polish(es) have you been wearing this week?



  1. Gorgeous colour. The name reminds me of the film High School Musical haha - the song We're All In This Together.....

  2. Oh such a pretty pink with a lovely hint of shimmer! x

  3. Such a lovely shade! I'm not really a pink or shimmery kinda gal, but this got me salivating x

    Amy / srslylou

  4. ohhh i love the sparkle in this one, so pretty! too bad about the wear time though.

  5. Ohh this is so pretty, I love the shimmer!
    The English weather is an absolute nightmare for taking blog photos haha.

    Jess xo

  6. I love this polish, it's one of my favourites. They often have it for 1.99 at Fragrance direct, which is where I got it.

    Colour Shimmer Sparkle

    Bree :)


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