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September 28, 2012

FRIDAY FACEMASK: Flatmate edition



Me (Angelica)

This week's facemask Friday was actually enjoyed last Sunday because we all knew we'd be too busy today to all get together and pamper ourselves. I currently live with two of my best friends Josie and Tom and they're always up for getting involved in little pampering sessions. Last weekend when I was debating which facemask to use and asking Josie and Tom to choose for me (I have such a stockpile of facemasks!) we all ended up having a little flatmate chill-out session with tea, books and most importantly with facemasks.

The product we used this week was Superdrug's Aloe Vera Deep Cleansing Mud Mask.

It's a nice thick product that doesn't have much in the way of a scent, but it is quite green (probably thanks to the aloe vera). You can feel it working, which I like but Josie, however, found the initial sting of this face mask uncomfortable. I have sensitive skin and didn't get an irritable reaction from it (nor did Josie or Tom) but as the mud dries it does make the skin feel very tight. Josie jokingly said that the sensation was what she thinks botox must feel like! I can imagine that others might dislike this feeling, but like knowing that a product is doing something (plus I really didn't think it felt too bad).

We all left the face mask on for fifteen minutes (the packaging suggests between 10 and 15minutes, so that's probably why our faces started to feel tight) and, after fighting to wash it off in the bathroom, I was pleased with how cleansed my skin felt without being overly dried out. I did expect the product to be drying as other mud and clay masks I have tried have made my skin very tight. However, although this product couldn't be called moisturising, it doesn't leave your skin feeling uncomfortable afterwards.

Overall, not only did we have a fun pampering session together but the mask did actually feel like a 'deep cleanse' as advertised on the tube. I would recommend this face mask if you're after a good budget mask as it retails in Superdrug for £2.59 or 2 tubes for £3.49. After 3 face masks my tube has a lot of product left in it so I would definitely say that it is value for money. 

Did you like this week's flatmate edition? Have you had any pampering sessions with your friends lately?



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