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September 29, 2012

THIS WEEK'S MOST REACHED FOR: Fudge Urban Texture Blaster

I've always found myself being let down by hair sprays and can literally track my hair's deflation across the photos taken on a night out. So when I saw this, and believe me when I saw it's hard not to with its bright orange packaging, I thought I could give it a try as a sort of super strong hair spray. 

I've used this almost every day over the last 8 days and I've found that its great for when you've put your hair into a bun or a ponytail and are heading out into the wind but it's absolutely amazing if you're looking for long lasting volume. I don't usually aim for volume as my hair is quite thick anyway, but last weekend I decided to do a very messy, volumous hair style where I backcombed the underside of my hair and curled just the ends. I sprayed this all over the sections I backcombed and then more lightly sprayed the curls in the hope that maybe, just maybe when I got home my hair would resemble what it looked like when I left the house. And my oh my, was I surprised when about six hours later I got back to my flat, shook myself out of my newly re-emerged Winter coat and saw in the mirror that not only were my curls still curly and not frizzy, but that my hair still looked like it did when I went out. 

I can now tousle, backcomb, primp and just generally style to my heart's content without feeling like all the effort isn't worthwhile! Since that fateful Saturday that is indeed what I've done, I've tried it on fishtail plaits, big messy buns and high ponytails and they have all lasted longer and looked better thanks to this spray.

The only downside with this product is that it is very sticky and thick and if you apply too much it can leave your hair looking a little bit grubby. Applying it carefully and lightly is key to achieving the effect you want without compromising how your hair looks. Also, after use I felt as though my hair needed a slightly deeper clean than normal to avoid any build up so if you have particularly dry hair this need for extra cleansing might put you off regular use of something as heavy as this.

All in all I for one am in love with this spray and I can't see why I wouldn't repurchase it unless I find something better! This is the first product that I've tried from Fudge Urban before but I have a feeling that next time I'm out I may well pick something else up.

Find this product online here or at your local Superdrug store for £6.99.

What's been the product that you've reached for most this week?



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  1. Wow, you've made your way through a lot of products this month, think the only things I've emptied this month is, eye make up remover, cleanser and toner and deodorant lol x


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