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September 19, 2012

REVIEW: The Body Shop- Foundation Lip Butter

As a fan of the lip butters already I was excited when the new Dragon Fruit flavour was released and actually hurried out to buy it as soon as I could. Sadly, however, after about 24 hours of excitement and love it was thrown into the depths of my handbag and only rediscovered a week ago.

It is by no means a bad product though, I’m just spoilt when it comes to lip care choices. When I got back from my holiday and went back through the handbag I’d left at home I pulled this little gem back out and decided to give it a proper test. What I deduced is that I love to use it as a deeply moisturing leave on lip-mask but not so much as a throw-in-your-handbag-and-use-on-the-go lip balm. The reason for this is that even though it has a lovely rich and creamy texture which provides excellent moisturiation the formula is just a little bit too opaquely white for my liking. The colour doesn’t disappear as the formula is just a little too thick to be instantly absorbed by the lips like other thinner lip balms often are.

Even though I love the scent and have been loving it as a daily before-bed lip balm I couldn’t recommend this to those out there who want a lip product to wear out of the house. But if like me you’re looking for a deeply hydrating lip mask to pamper yourself with (especially useful in the upcoming Winter months), then I would urge you to give this lip butter a go. It smells divine (almost good enough to eat!), the packaging looks really cute on your bedside table and all the profits from the sale of the lip butter go to charity, who needs a better excuse to pamper oneself!

You can find this product in The Body Shop stores or in The Body Shop online store for £4 (but keep an eye out for all those great Body Shop offers as you may be able to get it for even less!)

What product do you like to pamper your lips with?

Angelica x


  1. Hiya, i just found your blog after your comment on a makeup savvy post :D I was just thinking about buying a lip buttter thingy from body shop thanks for the review. Ive subsribed via bloglovin and can't wait for more posts!

    1. Thanks for subscribing, lots of posts are on their way :)
      I really do rate these lip butters especially in the Winter months, they're one of my handbag staples when its windy!

    2. Im glad for the posts and the reply :D


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