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June 04, 2013

Guest Post: Get Hot, Stay Matte

Hello! I know I've been a little bit absent from my blog lately but I've just finalised my move back to London now that I've graduated (eeek!) and things are getting back on track pronto. In the mean time, I've written a couple more guest posts for some really wonderful bloggers and I'll continue to link these on my blog so there won't be any content lacking while I'm getting myself situated (it really is a shock to the system to be moving back in with my family after three years away). 

So, anyway, today's beauty offering is all about the products that I would recommend incorporating into your beauty routine if you start to suffer with my oily skin during hotter weather. Each of the products I've talked about does a fantastic job of keeping the skin matte but each has its own added benefits. This blog post is featured on Emma's gorgeous blog, Glossy Boutique, and I would love for you to give the post a read [link here]


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