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June 24, 2013

The Body Shop Satsuma Puree Body Lotion and L'Occitane Ultra Rich Shea Body Lotion

My normal routine doesn't involve body lotions. To me body lotions scream 'summer', they scream healthy and hydrated skin. Most of the year my skin is in good condition, don't get me wrong, but the levels of effort required to keep it soft and hydrated go over and above the mere application of a body lotion. Body butters sound reassuringly rich, and anything with the added description of 'nourishing' gets my full attention. However, the downside of these heavy, rich products is often that they take longer to absorb and I have to sit / walk about semi-clothed for ages which (let us not lie to ourselves) is always really annoying. 

However, with the incorporation of more regular body exfoliation and a plethora of useful, multi-purpose shower products (namely this and this) coupled with the better weather that we've been having, I've been led into new territories. The 'body lotion' is now a phenomenon to be found in my bathroom and there are two in particular that I want to talk about today. Let us begin with the purse friendly option, The Body Shop Satsuma Puree Body Lotion comes in at £8 for 250ml and has a very handy pump. I've definitely mentioned this product from the Body Shop before, although undoubtedly in the form of a passing complaint about it not being moisturising enough. However, now is its time to shine. With all the right conditions in place this body lotion is the star of my routine, it is so easy to use (I can't tell you how much I love that pump) and it absorbs almost instantly. No longer do I have to loiter waiting for a product to dry! Instead I can scamper on over to my clothes, get dressed and then spend the precious time I've saved on doing my make-up much more carefully. The scent is  also wonderful as it is really fresh without being overly sweet making it perfect for a morning pick-me-up. All things considered, this is a winner and I'll undoubtedly be repurchasing it over the course of the summer. 

Product number two is a fascinating mid-way point between a body butter and a body lotion. L'Occitane's Ultra Rich Shea Body Lotion is very much thicker and more intensely hydrating that The Body Shop's Satsuma Puree Body Lotion. However, like its counterpart it's absorption time is incredibly quick, so quick in fact that it never fails to surprise me. Using it today I watched as it was fully absorbed into my skin within a minute or two leaving me with blissfully soft limbs with no risk of greasing up my clothes if I were to rush into them. Honestly, it's a bit of a revelation. I didn't think I would find something this, dare I say it, nourishing that would be good to use on a rushed morning. The only downside to this is the price tag which comes in at a whopping £20 for 250ml. It's definitely more of an indulgence than something to be readily repurchased, however, I do think that it is wonderful and I do plan on picking up another. If you have dry skin and want to transform it into soft, smooth skin to show off throughout summer then this is something that might well be worth investing in. However, if you have more normal skin (skin that isn't visibly dry, flaky or cracked) then I would opt for The Body Shop's Body Lotions as they will hydrate your skin just fine with the added bonus of being somewhat more refreshing than L'Occtiane's Ultra Rich Shea Body Lotion.

I hope this was helpful for anyone on the look out for a summer moisturiser! Do let me know what you like to use during the summer? I'm on the hunt for other lotions to try now.



  1. I'm using NSPA's raspberry body butter at the moment. It smells amazing! I never used to be one to use body moisturisers but I've been into them recently because of the better weather. Great post :)

  2. Oh my, that L'occitane shea butter is amazing, I love this product :).


  3. Im loving the sound of the L'Occitane one xx


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