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June 21, 2013

Guest Post: My Favourite Smelling Shower Products

Who doesn't love a product that smells so good you want to lather yourself in it? It might sound silly, or obvious even, but I love lovely scents. Everyone will have a few scents that smell toe-curlingly gorgeous to their noses and for me there are three products in my shower arsenal which I didn't choose because of scent but I certainly repurchased them with their scent in mind! Today's post is an ode to good smelling stuff and it's over on Chantele's blog, Daisy Dayz. I'd love for you to give it a read, I think you'll enjoy it- especially if you love good smelling stuff! [Link here]

What's your favourite smelling product?

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  1. Snow Fairy by Lush for me xx

    1. Snow Fairy is gorgeoussss. My only gripe is that the scent doesn't linger enough for my liking!

  2. I bought the almond shower oil for my boyfriends mum and I would be lying if I didn't pinch a bit whenever I'm round there haha, love it! The LM Fresh Fig shower creme is also gorgeous but verrrrrry expensive!



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