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August 06, 2013

A Summer Must Have: John Frieda Frizz-Ease Hair Serum

I bought this a really long time ago and it was sadly eclipsed by another hair serum- it wasn't anything special but it smelt divine, and truly I am controlled by my nose when it comes to beauty products. So, when this summer heatwave of Britain's struck I realised that I was in need of something that didn't just smell nice, I needed a serum that could eliminate frizz. This is the result that John Frieda's Frizz-Ease boasts, this is what it promises. I think I would plonk my hair-type in the "fine-medium" category so this serum isn't strictly advertised towards me, however, I have lived with seriously unruly locks for my entire life so I felt like I needed to bring out the big guns.

I am very happy to report that since starting to use this (near the beginning of July) my hair has honestly been less frizzy than ever before, even in this heat and humidity. Since adding John Frieda's Frizz-Ease to my daily haircare routine (you simply apply one-two pumps of this to wet hair) my hair has been sleeker, neater and although not completely frizz free it has been much less frizzy. Like with all serums sometimes one wonders "what's the point" but as is the case with all the serums that I've tried, well the point is that sometimes you can come across an absolute winner. There may be better hair serums out there, I'm not exactly a hair serum aficionado. However, if you're a student like me or for whatever other reason you're on a limited budget and want something easy to pick up in both a handy travel size or in a bigger 'value' size that actually works then I wouldn't look too much further if I were you! In short, I'm really impressed, this small bottle of serum has done things that none of my lovely hair oils managed (although they do a good job in their own ways). You can find John Frieda Original Frizz-Ease Hair Serum for £6.29 for a larger 50ml size or for £3.99 for the 25ml travel size. I think this is definitely suitable for fine/medium - course hair types and there is another version (an extra strength version) for very course hair.

Do you use a hair serum? How do you keep your hair frizz-free?



  1. I always get frizzy hair in the heat, and I find this works a treat at getting rid of it! I love it too :)xo

  2. my favorite two products to control frizz are Fekkai glossing cream and Lea Journo glossing cream. I prefer these over serums because them give me shine, body, and frizz control, without making my hair feel greasy.


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