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August 11, 2013

Beauty Things I Don't Like (which I probably should)

Last week I posted about Beauty Things I Like (which I probably shouldn't) and today I'm posting about the flipside and will be talking all about the beauty things that I just don't really like. I'm not slating any of the products in the photo above but each of these products (or collection of products) represent a beauty 'chore' that I really don't like! I'm going to be talking about five examples so I hope you're nice and comfy because this post is going to be on the long side.

First on my list of beauty dislikes is the morning skincare routine. In the mornings I'm usually half asleep and on the grumpier side. The prospect of a multi-step beauty routine is simply not one of my priorities, and more often than not I only really reach for a cleanser, serum and moisturiser. I have to get into the habit of being more thorough but it will take some doing given my usual 'morning' self. I think the trick (for me anyway) is to have products that you love using so that you actually look forward to picking them up in the morning. One day I will find this holy grail of skincare combo's and no longer ignored shall the morning routine be.

Second on my list is conditioner. Now my hair has grown and has reached a length I like to refer to as 'mid-length' (a.k.a as long as it ever gets) it takes long enough washing shampoo out of my hair (especially anything SLS free) let alone adding conditioner to the list. Conditioner makes more difference that I would care to admit to the look and manageability of my hair but it is still on my bad-side because I just find it a bit of a time-suck. I'm trying super hard to use it more often (especially when I have such a lovely conditioner to use) but it is never something that I reach for with a smile.

Nail polish always chips if you leave it on long enough but some formulas are worse for chipping than others. I really do like to wear a colour for at least a week so some formulas (yes Essie, I am looking at you) sometimes get worn to death, and my death I mean chip-city. If I'm going anywhere where I need to look smart then I will usually rectify the problem but if I'm left to my own devices then chipped polish can hang around a little bit too long on my nails. (I just hate the smell of nail polish remover, it makes me sad.)

Need I say any more? This is the ultimate beauty chore.

In the same vein as using conditioner, I find that hair masks are a lot of effort. I have a few kicking about that I really should put to use but I never find the time (even though I can find the time to do multiple face masks a week). They are forever on my 'to do' list and one day I shall fall in love with them and then my hair will live happily ever after. Hopefully.

These are the beauty things that topped my "I Don't Like You" list that I really should do more often! What beauty things don't you like doing that you probably should?



  1. I hate cleaning brushes. I bought the eye set of the RT brushes in April and I haven't washed them yet. Oops.

    Water Painted Dreams

  2. I hate cleaning my brushes! Such a chore and I have about 5 foundation brushes because of that fact..

  3. I hate cleaning my brushes...I actually need to do them today but I can't be bothered! x

  4. Ooh loved this post, I found it quite unique - don't see many posts like this! You definitely won't be alone with the chipped nail varnish and brush washing ones haha ..but I can't believe you don't enjoy using conditioner! I love it and sometimes even do it twice (weird?!).

    :) xxx

  5. Great post :) I like using conditioner, but all those other things I find such a chore!

    Colour Shimmer Sparkle


  6. Oh I love hair masks! And painting my nails. But yeah, the brushes thing... the skincare thing... I'm impressed you do all 3 every morning, I am still horrible with skincare and new to it but hopefully I can get into good habits! Love this post, I may have to write one myself one day :)

  7. Oh how I get you! I also get so lazy about cleaning my brushes!

    xo, Inês

  8. I hate cleaning my brushes always takes which seems like forever!Talking of nail polish i just painted mine yesterday using essie and they have chipped already!! So annoying. xx

    Claire does beauty

  9. I hate cleaning brushes, literally the bane of my beauty life!

    P.s. - I didn't notice I was in your daily reads bit in the sidebar - thank you so much! *Hugs*

    Amy /

  10. I feel the same way about hair masks, there's just so much effort that you have to put in :)!


  11. Ah I hate cleaning brushes too, I don't think its a task any lady enjoys though so you aren't on your own there! I know what you mean about hair masks, especially the ones you put on BEFORE s&c'ing, complete triumph to get the energy to do that! What first world problems we are having, haha! X

  12. I hate cleaning brushes! Takes so long and so boring x

  13. I'm the same when it comes to chipped nail polish, so long as it covers most of the nail it can last another week! And I'm awful at cleaning my brushes, I need to finally get round to that!

  14. I hate hair masks and face masks...don't even get me started on washing brushes!

  15. You should buy the Bourjois 1 second nail polish remover. Has literally changed my life in regards to nails. I keep one at home and one in my bag so that when I'm looking really scruffy I can just take it all off! Also the dried smell is of vanilla and red berries so no nasty nail polish remover smell!


  16. I have just picked up a textured silicone oven glove as a dupe for the Sigma Brush cleaning glove in a bid to make cleaning my make up brushes quicker. It is so depressing when you swipe it on your white tissue thinking all the make up is off and it still leaves a grimy pink smear ... back to the brush cleanser.

    Hair Masks are the one thing I disagree with you on. The secret is a shower cap. Put the mask on whilst your in the shower, clip your hair up and the shower cap on then go about your usual post shower routine, read a blog or two then viola! Time to rinse.

    Bisous! Jemma

  17. I love cleaning my make-up brushes, it's so satisfying! And it's worth it for how much better make-up applies afterwards, too.
    I can't imagine skipping conditioner, I've never get a brush through my hair again though!
    I totally agree on the morning skincare routine though - cleanser and moisturiser is about all I can be bothered with.

    Jess xo

  18. I hate removing my nail varnish too! Cleaning brushes is definitely a chore that I'm not sure ill ever enjoy!! xx

  19. Oooh you use purity cleanser! I want it! :)



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