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August 10, 2013

My Brow Basics

HD Brow Palette in Foxy and the Real Techniques Brow Brush.

Sometimes the everyday staples can get a little bit overlooked. To me they sometimes don't seem all that exciting because I reach for them everyday, but they are absolute staples and these sorts of products are the bread and butter of my beauty collection. Last year, in probably the best beauty box of my life, I received an Eye Brow kit from HD Brows (in the shade Foxy). I used this every single day for months and months and it is still only one of two eye brow products that I use (I alternate between this and my Body Shop Brow Definer which I use on my very lazy days because it is a pencil).

This post isn't only an ode to HD Brow's Foxy Palette though, it is also an ode to the Real Techniques Brow Brush (part of their Starter Set) which is the brush I use to apply product to my eyebrows. I really love it and the pair come in super handy for travelling with because they are so multi-purpose. First off, the palette has a big mirror in it so more often than not I carry this just for the mirror (dangerous for the powder perhaps). In addition, the HD Brows Palette has a very intimidated black shade that will never in this lifetime grace my eyebrows, but it does make for a great powder liner. I usually use this alone for a softer looking liner look and the Real Techniques Brow Brush actually does a terrific job of applying it!

As to the colour that I do use on my brows, well, the name has long worn off but it is the lighter of the two browns and I've swatched it on my hand so you can get a sense of the colour. It's a good match but sometimes I mix a tiny bit of the darker brown into it when I want a stronger brow look (usually only in the evenings). The other brush in my pictures is from No. 7 and it is just for brushing through your eyebrows in order to shape them. I bought this from a blog sale so can't comment much about it other than to say that it does it's job well enough! 

All in all, if you've ever considered getting an HD Brow Palette I'd strongly support the choice! I'm also a big fan of the Real Techniques Starter Kit, I don't think the eye brushes are as amazing as some of their face brushes but the angled Brow Brush is a big favourite of mine and I do use the others a lot too. Although both of these products are expensive they're definitely investments as they're going to last you years if you look after them, and beauty investments are my favourite sort. 

Do you have any staple eyebrow products?



  1. i like the look of that palette- lovely colours! xx

  2. I havent got much for eyebrows, but I really want to get a hd brows palette!


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