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August 18, 2013

So...? With Attitude's So...? Sexy Launch at The Penthouse

On the Thursday just gone I popped over to Leicester Square where I met up with two of my favourite bloggers Rosie from RosieLouiseLove and Ellis from Elrbx. Together the three of us headed over to The Penthouse and made our way up to the sixth floor where So...? had very kindly invited us to an event they were hosting to celebrate the launch of their new So...? Sexy fragrance. 

 Rosie, Ellis and I helped ourselves to our complimentary cocktails, oggled the cupcakes and sweet-trees before checking out the displays hosting the entire So...? Fragrance with Attitude range. My favourite scent of the collection is called So...? In Love (one of their body sprays I think) and I came away from the event with a couple of their other fragrances to try out. Rosie won a special giveaway and got to choose a scent of her choice to try and Ellis won the big giveaway which is a spa break for her and 8 friends - I was in very lucky company!

There was also a hair styling station where some of So...?'s hair styling products were being put to use. I saw the lovely Ellie from Ellie's Ramblings who'd had her hair done and it looked pretty lovely! I've used some of So...?'s dry shampoos before (I've featured them in a couple of my empties posts before) and really rate them. Also, I didn't know this but So...? have a range of lip glosses. I got two in my goodie bag and although I've only tried one of them I thought it was pretty nice and it certainly smelled gorgeous (which you'd expect from a range specializing in fragrance).

 All in all I had a really nice evening and it was great to learn more about So...? Fragrance With Attitude's range. A big thank you to everyone involved in organising the event, and to Rosie and Ellis whose company made the evening even more enjoyable. I'll be doing a post or two on the products I very kindly received in the event goodie bag and I'll definitely have to do lip swatches of the two lip glosses because before Thursday I didn't know anything at all about them so they're a lovely surprise. 



  1. I am gutted I couldn't go in the end *sad face* xx

    Lots of Love Beautyqueenuk!

  2. Ohh this looks like so much fun! have never heard of this brand before, not sure we get it in canada, but will be interested to see your reviews :)

  3. The little cakes look incredible! :) Looks like a fun event! x


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