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August 15, 2013

Texturising Salt Sprays: The Good and The Bad

Toni & Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray £7.19 and James Brown London's Photo Fabulous Wave Spray £7.19.

During the summer months, like many other people, I've reached for salt sprays to add a little bit of texture to my hair. This summer I've used two in particular, James Brown London's Photo Fabulous Wave Spray and Toni & Guy's Causal Sea Salt Texturising Spray. One of these salt sprays has been far from fabulous and the other has been pretty darn lovely!

The first one I tried was James Brown London's Photo Fabulous Wave Spray and to be honest it put me off salt sprays for ages! I actually bought this last winter, used it a few times and then just gave up because it was infuriating. I'd seen what salt sprays could do to people's hair and this one, it just has no redeeming features. It sprays one thick line of product and if you're unfortunate enough to have aimed this spray at your hair (from any angle or distance) you end up with one hell of a soggy, wet head. In other words it doesn't spray a fine mist. Worse still, once you realise this is the state of affairs and you try and work around the problem by spraying this into your hand to then apply it evenly it dawns on you that this product is thick, sticky and just too heavy. Even when I apply this over my hair evenly after spraying the deathray into the palm of my hand it is just way too heavy for my fine hair. It ends up looking lank, weighed down and a little bit greasy. It's safe to say that I don't reach for this at all any more.

In a moment of pity upon the salt spray nation I decided to give them a second try. This time I picked up Toni & Guy's Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray in a small travel size bottle (because I still didn't trust it). Anyway, turns out not all salt sprays are nasty. Toni & Guy's offering has a nice fine spray and the product itself is a lot, lot lighter making it not only possible to use but actually quite nice. I use this on the day that I was my hair to give it a little bit more grit and body, otherwise it can get a little bit boring and awash with fly-aways. As a budget salt spray I think it's very good and I'd definitely recommend it but I can imagine that more expensive varieties will be even better. 

To summarise, steer clear of the James Brown London Photo Fabulous Wave Spray - it will leave your hair soggy, sad and weighed down. And if you want to try a "drugstore" salt spray then Toni & Guy isn't a bad place to start!

Do you use salt spray?



  1. Hiya,great review, I love comparison posts!

    I like the Toni & Guy one and it's a bargain buy esp if you can get it on offer at Boots!

    My fave salt spray is Paul Mitchell Awapuhi - such great texture and a gorgeous scent.

    I really don't like the Bumble and Bumble one - just made my hair messy and smells REALLY weird and unpleasant.

    Rebecca x

  2. I tried a salt spray last year, can't remember the make. But i remember I disliked it immensely... It did nothing for my hair. You've got me tempted to pick up the travel size Toni and guy now though.
    Great post, I do love a good comparison :)

    Love Kate at prettylittleus


  3. I really liked the James brown spray, it works really well on wet hair and defines any waves you have. In comparison, I hateee the Toni and guy one cause it just feels like it knots my hair up! Funny how different hairs react to different products haha xxx

  4. I haven't tried salt sprays but I'll be staying far away from that JB one! eek! Glad to see you found one you love though :)

  5. I really want to try a salt spray and heard that Fudge is good, but I'm rubbish with anything hair related so haven't ventured into the world of salt sprays just yet! xx


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