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October 18, 2013

Hands like the Sahara?: Lanolips Intense Rose Hand Balm

My hands are always the first port of call when dry skin comes sailing along, heralding the changing seasons. As of yet, I don't have a 'holy grail' hand moisturising product - I tend to flit pretty indiscriminately between L'Occitane's Shea Butter Hand Creams and Soap and Glory's Hand Food - indeed, in last month's favourites post I mentioned that I'd been reaching for a rose scented offering from L'Occitane. However, since I won a whole host of Lanolips' products back in August I've been reaching for their Intense Rose Hand Balm  (for Very Dry Hands and Nails) with increasing frequency.

The tube only houses 50ml of product but it feels quite hefty in size compared to other hand creams I own, so as a result it doesn't tend to make it into my handbag. Instead, this is the moisturising product that I like to use on my hands in the evening. The texture of the product is thicker than a traditional hand lotion but a little less thick and creamy than a moisturising 'butter' texture. I apply a generous dollop into one hand and then massage this across both my hands until it is evenly distributed, and then I keep massaging my hands together until the product is totally absorbed. It is a very intensely hydrating product so it doesn't sink in immediately (like I feel Hand Food does) but its effects can be noticed immediately and they last for quite a long time. When I use this Rose Hand Balm before bed I always wake up with incredibly smooth, soft skin. 

Although it contains rose oil and is advertised as a 'Rose' product this Hand Balm doesn't have a particularly strong rose scent. It smells a little bit similar to Lanolips' Lip Ointments (if you know what those smell like), it has that distinct, unique scent that I can only assume comes from the product's high lanolin content. The smell, however, isn't particularly strong so even if you're not keen on it there won't be any continued assault on your senses. I personally also really enjoy the aesthetics of the packaging. I like the pink tube, the lipstick'd sheep's face etc. I find it all very endearing and I like how this looks on my bedside table.

Lanolips' Intense Rose Hand Balm costs £9.18* at Boots which certainly feels like quite a lot of money. However, the quality of the product is incredibly high (it performs at the same standard as L'Occitane's Shea Butter hand creams, although it feels very different to use) and I think the packaging helps make this product a lot more suitable for gifting. If you're thinking about a present for a friend or family member, especially those concerned with keeping their hands youthfully smooth and soft, then I'd bear this Lanolips Hand Balm in mind. I personally don't think I will be repurchasing it, or at least not for a long time, as I have a whole host of other hand creams to use and I imagine they will last me throughout the whole of the next year. I may, however, buy another tube to give to my Dad who I think despite all the pink packaging would enjoy the hand cream's moisturising benefits because, honestly, that man has hands like the Sahara.

What hand cream are you using right now? 

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  1. Interesting! From its name, I thought Lanolips only had lip products!

    1. I know! I would have thought the same. They actually have a whole range of products, including a body oil which I'm also really enjoying xx

  2. My hands literally are like the sahara so I probably should give this ago!
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  3. I really like the packaging of this, especially have the colour fades away from the centre.
    I'm using The Body Shop hand cream at the moment. I'm tempted to give this a go but it's quite pricey.

    1. I personally don't find the Body Shop hand creams that effective so would definitely recommend this Lanolips hand balm over them in terms of quality and value for money xx

  4. Never realised that Lanolips had other products other than their lip products. Will definitely be looking into this as a "bedside hand cream".
    Great review as always.

  5. Anything that performs as well as L'Occitane hand creams gets my interest immediately! Will have to check this out :) x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

  6. Did i hear hand balm here?! Need to check out this one. Love the packaging. It's really adorable. (They really know how to get us with their packaging!)


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