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October 12, 2013

Hungover to Heroine in 60 minutes

hungover to hero in one hour

Hungover as all hell but you've got an early morning seminar or need to get to work? Do you have just one hour between when you wake up and when you need to leave the house to get to a seminar? No problem. Here's how to fake being awake in 60 minutes .

[Thank you to Holly for letting me write my own version of this post because her post last year completely inspired me.]

08.00: Step One - The Rude Awakening
Drag yourself out of bed - this is probably the most important bit. Even if you do it looking like a zombie, head to your kitchen and put on the kettle. At this point pour yourself a pint of warm water and start mindlessly sipping it until the kettle has boiled. Once it has, slowly and carefully make yourself a cup of caffeinated tea or coffee whilst you continue to sip your water. When you've completed this first task head back to your room (or wherever you normally get ready) and deposit your tea/coffee.

08.10: Step Two - Coming Back to Life 
Now it is time to head towards the shower, to bring you out of the alcohol induced reverie. Make sure you have some sort of exfoliating body scrub or brush and preferably an invigorating shower gel. Get into a lukewarm (but on the colder side) shower and proceed to buff and scrub your treacherously hungover body until you feel smooth and clean. The water, exfoliation and the scented shower gel should rouse you into a slightly more useful state.

08.25: Step Three - General Appearance
It is now time to sluggishly remove yourself from the shower and begin the process of making yourself look more alive. Moisturising is essential, you want all of your skin to look smooth, plump and awake. If you have one, slather on a moisturising mask, add some hair oil to your locks and slap on some moisturiser to your tired limbs and decolletage. You want your skin to say 'healthy' not 'hungover'.

08.35: Step Four - Time to Correct
At this point I would urge you to opt for minimal, corrective make-up otherwise you will probably end up looking overdone and tired. Colour correcting, brightening, illuminating - these are all terms you want to look out for. I like to use an illuminating primer under a very light BB cream or foundation which I find help brighten my face as well as cover any redness. I then add a neutral cream blush just to shape my face and lashings of brown mascara. Then I just set my brows and add lip balm (preferably a lightly tinted one). For me this takes a maximum of 10 minutes, probably less because it's quick, easy and fool-proof.

08.45: Step Five - The Finishing Touches
Go for simple, neat hair - I usually choose a high ponytail - which will require minimal blow drying and minimal effort. Once this is complete, sit back and drink your cooled tea or coffee and prepare for the caffeine to help make you feel fully alive as the hour draws to a close. Reach for comfortable clothing, but don't go for a whole outfit of black. You want to be completely at ease, and I know you'll probably not want to be the centre of attention, but you don't want to wash yourself out. I usually opt for a simple black a-line dress coupled with a colourful cardigan, regardless of where I go or what I'm doing I know I'll look put together despite the effort behind it being entirely minimal.

How do you fake being awake in the mornings? Have you got any tricks that help get you from hungover to heroine in an hour?

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  1. Well, to be honest, I'm don't know what to do on mornings like that. I just pretend to be all right, but as the day rolls by, I'm getting weaker and weaker :D. But I'll sure follow these tips of yours next time :).
    Such an interesting post :)!!


  2. Yay, so glad you did this! I love your tips - all of which I do myself when I'm feeling a bit worse for wear! You'd think I'd be better at being hungover by now...I'm really not. Haha xxx

    1. I am too, thank you so much for letting me write my own version :) xx

  3. I agree. Minimal corrective makeup is best. Why risk butchering a winged liner or taking too much time on blending eyeshadows. Best use that time to hydrate, have a light breakfast and do your hair xx

    1. I didn't mention food did I! I personally opt for something really light otherwise I feel sick but everyone is different when it comes to hangovers xx

  4. Great post! I always like to use a good body scrub to wake me up in the shower after a night out, does the trick! x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

  5. Such a handy post. I will definetly be following these tips next time I feel like this.

  6. Great post! Not sure I could do it in an hour though haha. I definitely go for minimal makeup - pink blush and a light, shimmery eyeshadow are a must for me. I also try and wear something bright so I don't look too deathly! xx


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