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April 16, 2014

Loving Lately: Sleek's Lipsticks

Sleek's True Colour Lipsticks are long standing favourites of mine. They come in two different formulas, 'matte' and 'sheen', and I have one of their matte lipsticks in the shade 'Heartbreaker' and two of their sheen lipsticks in the shades 'Liqueur' and 'Barely There'. I fell in love with the sheen formulation when I bought 'Barely There' after repeatedly hearing Katie rave about the shade over on her blog. It soon became one of my most worn lipsticks (which is quite a feat considering the size of my collection) and it wasn't long before I set out to expand my Sleek lipstick collection. 

(sorry there's no lip swatch!)
Sleek's matte lipsticks are very thick, very pigmented and offer totally opaque colour payoff. When you apply them they feel quite creamy but they do dry down on the lips and leave a dry, stain-like finish that really does stay put. The lasting power is really impressive and the colours in the range are gorgeous. Heartbreaker is a bright, hot pink which I love to wear as an alternative to a red lip. 

affordable drugstore dark nude lipstick

Sleek's Sheen Lipsticks are super creamy, really moisturising and they offer thick, opaque colour payoff that has a gorgeous glossy sheen. I coveted Liqueur for months before buying it. It doesn't necessarily look that appealing in the bullet but it is a really unique nude-nude/pink shade that just has something special about it. I don't own anything like it and I'm very glad I finally picked it up because I think it looks really beautiful on the lips. 

affordable drugstore coral lipstick

Barely There
This is a gorgeous coral-coral/pink shade that looks beautiful on lots of different skin types. I find it really flattering when I have a tan but its also totally wearable when I'm at my palest. It's a very pretty and easy to wear colour and its a nice alternative to a straight up pink shade. This is probably my favourite shade of the three and it is certainly the most reached for of the shades that I own. I love the feel of the sheen formulas on the lips, they're so easy to wear and I don't find that they smudge or bleed like some other more moisturising lip products do. 

Left to right: Heartbreaker, Liqueur, Barely There.
You can find Sleek's lipsticks in Superdrug stores and online here for £4.99.

Have you tried any of Sleek's lipsticks? Which of the three I own do you prefer?



  1. The bright red is gorgeous! I need to get some of these lipsticks they look amazing, especially on the swatches!
    It would mean everything to me if you could follow me via google friend connect as a member! You don't know how much:)
    Love love love your blog!x

  2. Need to have a browse of these, love the look of all three shades - especially the nude!


  3. I really do love the sleek lipsticks :) I have a red in vixen, and I have mulberry witch is blackberry colour :)

    Catherine x

  4. I love the first colour your wearing, a lovely subtle shade!

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  5. Very nice!. Heartbreaker looks the best.

  6. I need some of these, so pretty <3

  7. I was just browsing and came upon your blog - had to follow! Lovely blog with interesting reviews :)

    Best Wishes x

  8. Heartbreaker looks so pretty. I've yet to try a sleek lipstick. I also wanted to try peaches and cream... I think that's what it's called. Lovely blog.

    Lauren -- Makeup By Lauren Marie

  9. I haven't tried Sleek lipsticks yet, I'm not sure why as they are really affordable!

    Danniella x

  10. love the shades :) they look pretty!

  11. I don't think I have anything like Liqueur at all so I may well be picking this up :) both shades look fab on you!


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