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April 02, 2014

A Lush Sample Selection

Quite a while ago now, I popped into Lush looking to try a whole host of new products. One of the lovely sales assistants in Lush's Leeds store was kind enough to give me some samples to try out. A lot of places don't give samples, but I absolutely love that Lush does. If I get a taste of a product and I like it then I almost always go back to purchase the full size! Sachet samples in magazines, counter samples, beauty box samples - they're all wonderful ways of getting introduced to new products and starting new brand obsessions! As per usual, Lush's products haven't disappointed me and I'll almost certainly be picking up some of these in the near future. Read on to hear my thoughts on Angels On Bare Skin, American Cream, R&B and Rehab.

Angels On Bare Skin (cleanser)
After falling in love with Lush's Fresh Bouche de Noel Cleanser (link to my post here) I was really keen to try another of Lush's cleansers. Angels On Bare Skin is actually even nicer than Bouche de Noel, it has a really gentle scent and it does a fantastic job of cleansing the skin. It's suitable for sensitive skin types and I had no issues with this aggravating my skin in any way. I'm really keen to pick up a full size of this once I finish my current cleanser.

R&B (leave in hair treatment/perfume)
This is a very heavily scented leave in hair product. It smells strongly of Jasmine (which I like) but the product itself is also quite heavy so it is essential to apply this sparingly. I've gotten the amount I've used wrong in the past and ended up with greasy looking hair - definitely not what you want! However, when you apply just a touch of this to damp lengths and ends it offers a bit of leave-in-conditioning goodness as well as helping smooth and define your hair. I was sold at the scent and have actually already got my hands on a large helping of this, courtesy of my friend Wil who blogs over at The Gingerbread Lad - thanks Wil!

American Cream (conditioner)
I've wanted to try this conditioner for ages now. It smells gorgeous, it's rich and sweet with a lingering vanilla scent that makes it feel wonderfully indulgent to use. It's quite nourishing without being too heavy and it doesn't weigh my hair down but it still leaves my hair soft, smooth and shiny. All in all, I really like it and I have two conditioners to work through (Lush's Veganese and L'Oreal's EverRiche Conditioner - link to my review here) but once I'm through with them I'd really like to pick up a full size of this!

Rehab (shampoo)
To me, Rehab comes across as the slightly more sophisticated version of Lush's I Love Juicy Shampoo. Rehab is fruity, lathers gorgeously and leaves my hair looking seriously wonderful for days. It's great for oily scalps and when I use it to wash my hair I can go three days without shampooing, a length of time which is almost unheard of for me! I don't hear many bloggers talking about it but it is a fantastic alternative to I Love Juicy (which I currently use as a detox shampoo - there will be a review of I Love Juicy going up in the next week or two). As soon as I'm through with I Love Juicy, which I think will take a little while, I'll be replacing it with Rehab.

Overall, my first impressions of all these products have been great! As usual, Lush has left me with a seriously long wish list and I know that I won't be able to hold out on these goodies for very long. Is there anything from Lush that you're lusting after?



  1. i love that lush gives samples too but so hard to walk away with just the samples! i haven't tried any lush cleansers yet but i really want to.

  2. I like the sound of Rehab.. I might have to pop into Lush and try a sample of this too

    Kimberley // Kimberley's Beauty Blog

  3. Love a good Lush sample. I've been trailing a few skin care goodies from Lush which I'll be sharing soon!

  4. R&B is one of y favourite things EVER! It was a good day for my hair the first time I ever tried it and I've not looked back since! :)


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