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April 09, 2014

Review: Lush Full of Grace Facial Serum

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Lush's Full of Grace Facial Serum bar is one of the most unassuming of Lush's assortment of beauty goodies. It's pretty colourless, sinks into the background and I haven't really heard many beauty obsessives talking about it - so, naturally, when I spotted it, I had to give it a try…

Full of Grace is a facial serum in bar form. I apply this after I've fully cleansed and toned my face but before (or instead of) applying moisturiser. Full of Grace is essentially a bar shaped facial oil, you can rub it on your hand or directly on your face to melt some of the facial oil goodness and then you just massage the product into the skin on your face. And et voilĂ , you have seriously nourished, smooth skin. I didn't love it at first - initially I found it a bit, well, weird I guess and I found it hard to store so that it kept clean. However, now it is housed in a little plastic tupperware box (well, what's left of it, I'm nearly done with it) and I've gotten quite attached to it!

It contains goodies such as murmuru butter, cupuacu and organic almond oil as well as portabello mushrooms which are supposed to do wonders at reducing redness in the skin. I can testify to the hydrating and evening properties of Full of Grace. I used it on and off until I finished my trusty Liz Earle Superskin Concentrate (read my full review here) at which point it became my night-time serum. Since I've started to use it full-time I found that it did a great job of keeping my skin evenly hydrated, my cheeks didn't get dry patches and it didn't aggravate my oily t-zone. I also think it does a lot to even out the pigmentation in my cheeks - more than the Liz Earle Superskin Concentrate did, which is saying something really. All in all, I think it is a good option for combination or normal skin types but I think it isn't as deeply hydrating as the facial oils that I've tried in the past. However, if you were to follow up with a moisturiser as well (I don't always do this) then this could also work as part of a skincare routine for those with dry skin. You can find Full of Grace for £8.25 online here.

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What evening serum/facial oil do you use?


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  1. I haven't heard of this - what a strange little product! I would be terrible at keeping this clean and dry :(

    Danniella x


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