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July 30, 2016

Diptyque Noisetier Scented Candle Review

one little vice beauty blog: unisex sophisticated candle

For my birthday, a rather lovely friend of mine was kind enough to gift me Diptyque's Noisetier Scented Candle (£20.00). I've tried Diptyque's candles before, with Figuier being my favourite scent from the range, so I knew just what a luxurious addition this lovely candle would be to my dressing table. 

These candles come in two sizes; 190g and 70g. Despite their size, the 70g candles still offer up to 30 hours of burning time - which means that you can get many evenings of enjoyment out of each one. Additionally, these scented candles are so fragrant that you can enjoy their scent even when they're unlit. Just storing them in your bathroom, bedroom or elsewhere in your home is enough to impart a fragrance that's noticeable without being overpowering. As with many other pafumeries, Diptyque encourage layering candle fragrances to create bespoke scents - so if you're really into scented candles then the smaller size offers a great opportunity to get creative with the range.

one little vice beauty blog: unisex sophisticated candle

Noisetier - which translates as 'hazel tree' - is part of Diptyque's "woody" scent family. I find the fragrance completely unisex, suitable for gifting to men and women alike, as it straddles a fine balance between spice, wood and smoke. Personally, I find it a warm scent that would be particularly suited to the cooler autumn and winter months. However, because its offers a mature and sophisticated fragrance, the candle is also a lovely year round choice for evening entertainment. One of these lit in the corner of your living room really adds to the ambiance.

Although I do occasionally enjoy cheaper scented candles, I do think that Diptyque's candles are worth splashing out on. Not only are the scents beautiful and unique, but these candles really throw the fragrance about a room. What you get for your money is a high quality scent, a long burn-time and fragrance that will fill your home and last well. For many people these aren't going to be everyday candles, but for special occasions - whether that's means pampering yourself or your guests - then I find that these are lovely additions.

You can find Diptyque's candles in store at Liberty or John Lewis, or online from Space NK. 


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