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March 04, 2017

My Alex Monroe Apple & Pear Necklaces

one little vice lifestyle blog: alex monroe jewellery review

In my post about Alex Monroe's Bee Necklace I mentioned that I already owned two other Alex Monroe pieces. These were also Christmas gifts (but back from December 2015) and, unlike my bee, they were a total surprise. I remember mentioning, completely in passing, my new-found interest in Alex Monroe as a brand - and for once it really wasn't intentional hinting! When it comes to jewellery, or really anything "designer", I like to mull over purchases because these are the things that you'll end up owning for years to come.
onelittlevice lifestyle blog: alex monroe jewellery collection

Anyway, on Christmas morning 2015 I remember my complete and utter surprise when I opened not one but two Alex Monroe jewellery boxes. I received the Alex Monroe Juicy Pear Necklace in Gold (£120) and the Alex Monroe Apple and Peridot Necklace in Gold (£120), and I wore both frequently throughout 2016. They both look great worn alone, but I do sometimes like to wear them together too.

one little vice lifestyle blog: alex monroe jewellery

The pendants on both of these necklaces are much smaller than my new Bumblebee, but I love how delicate they look. When it comes to professional settings (e.g. office work), I find that I reach for these pieces over my other jewellery as I think that they're suitably understated whilst still being pretty and feminine. I also love that they're so lightweight, which makes them really comfortable to wear, even on long working days. Heavy jewellery is a pet peeve of mine, and I hate that feeling when you just can't wait to remove your necklace or earrings!

one little vice lifestyle blog: alex monroe jewellery collection

If you're thinking about buying one of Alex Monroe's designs then you might think that the apple and pear designs are too similar to justify owning both. The truth is, if you're a minimalist who likes to wear the same jewellery every day, or every other day, then they might be too similar. However, if you really enjoy accessorising and take pleasure in switching up your jewellery then I'd say go with what your heart tells you! I've really enjoyed wearing both of mine, although from these photos you can tell that I've worn my pear more often. 

onelittlevice lifestyle blog: alex monroe jewellery collection

I might be biased, but I think that Alex Monroe is a great place to look for special pieces for a loved one. You should definitely check out their website and have a browse of their collection, where the prices of the gold vermeil pieces start at roughly £104. 


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