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March 15, 2017

Monica Vinader Siren Wire Cocktail Earrings

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Say hello to my new accessory love. 

Monica Vinader is a brand that I've heard much about on social media and YouTube, and it seems to be so popular that it's infiltrated my non-blogging life too. It's clear to me that key influencers are being sent gifts from the brand, and I've seen the trickle-down effect influence other YouTubers and bloggers as well as many of my real-life/non-internet-based friends. Quite simply, Monica Vinader is going down a storm with women my age (mid-twenties) and I have no doubts that it will also appeal to many others. 

Monica Vinader, the brand's founder and creative director, began creating bespoke pieces of jewellery in 2002, however, it wasn't until 2006 that Monica Vinader's eponymous company and brand was created. From 2006 onwards, the brand's focus has been on creating luxurious jewellery at a more affordable mid-range price tag. This is achieved by focusing on semi-precious stones (rather than precious equivalents) and by using silver with gold-plate (rather than gold). Monica Vinader tapped into two interconecting and growing market trends; women purchasing jewellery for themselves rather than waiting for their romantic partners to buy it for them, and friends/colleagues banding together to give a piece of jewellery as a gift. The brand's price range does, therefore, include both affordable (under £100) and more expensive pieces, reflecting the range of potential purchasers that the brand targets. 

From my personal experience, I know that their strategy is working. Firstly, a friend of mine recieved a Monica Vinader as a leaving gift from her work colleagues when she moved jobs (and it's gorgeous). Secondly, I'm writing this post today precisely because I've bought a piece of jewellery for myself. And I made this purchasing decision because Monica Vinader are treading that fine line where  their pieces are expensive but still seem like good value for money.

one little vice lifestyle blog: jewellery review

Personally, I've been looking to invest in a piece from Monica Vinader for a while and after my Tiffany shopping spree last year I thought it was time to invest in something other than necklaces! I spotted these Monica Vinader Siren Wire Cocktail Earrings online, first priced at £295 and then at appoximately £150/£200 once they went on sale (price dependant on the material used). I've never spent that amount on one pair of earrings before, but I felt the investment would be justified because I knew that this particular design was something that I could wear quite often. I already have some amethyst earrings with a gold setting, so I was excited by the prospect of having a silver variation to wear with my Tiffany pieces. 

When I recieved my Siren Wire Cocktail Earrings I was immediately impressed with their proportions. They feel sturdy and well-made without being too large or heavy and, although they are undeniably "statement" earrings, there's still something demure and classic about the design. I'm a big fan of amethyst (as purple is my favourite colour) and Monica Vinader have matched their stones very nicely, and for me the faceted cut adds to their appeal. I bought these earrings at the end of January and since then I've worn them quite often, indeed, they have proven to be one of my favourite jewellery investments as I look forward to the occasions where I can wear them!

My first impression of Monica Vinader's jewellery is very positive, and I would definitely consider buying more from the brand in the future. You can find Monica Vinader online, and in retail outlets such as Selfridges, Harrods and Liberty.

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