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October 18, 2012

Benefit High Beam, Sun Beam and Moon Beam Swatches

This post is mainly just to show you swatches of all three of these products side by side so that if you're in the market to pick one of these lovely highlighters up from a Benefit counter you can make the right choice!

High Beam, Sun Beam, Moon Beam

All three of these highlighters blend like a dream and a small amount goes a long way. My swatches were done using a pretty healthy dose of each product, I would personally only dot a small amount of product along my cheek bones (maybe 4 dots on each cheek) and then I would maybe put one or two under my eyebrows and blend all the dots out. These swatches are mainly to give you an idea of the colour of each product!

As you can see High Beam is a very light white-pearl shade highlighter, Sun Beam is a warm golden highlighter and Moon Beam is a creamy apricot shade. I tend to use High beam the most but Moon Beam is slightly more subtle a shade and Sun Beam looks great on tanned skin with bronzer. I'd recommend all three of these products for their quality, wearability and their durability! 

And just so you have an idea of the applicator these products come with, I've taken photos of the brushes below:

High Beam
Sun Beam (Sample Brush)

Moon Beam

Hope this has been helpful! You can find these products in large Boots stores or online or on Benfit's website.

What is your favourite highlighter? 




  1. Oh wow I feel so out of the loop, moon beam and sunbeam now! I tried out high beam a while ago and found it a little too shiny and glittery for me, moon beam looks perfect though I will have to give it a go. I wear posietint every day and it looks like it would go really well with it. Thanks for the tip :-)

    1. Moon Beam is really lovely for a daily dewy look :) x

  2. I have never tried them before, looks liek they cna be a good products to have :)
    I have awarded you for Laine Blogger Award :)

  3. Ooooh, SunBeam! Definitely gonna check that out. I haven't found a hilighter I adored yet. It looks hopeful.

    1. Sun Beam is nice, especially with bronzer! If you're looking for something more purse friendly do check out Rimmel's highlighters. I'm really loving them at the moment :)

  4. Are they super glittery though? I'd like to give these a try. Thanks! :)


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