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October 11, 2012

My Favourite Lip Balms

We'll start off with my two Body Shop Lip Butters, one is in 'Sweet Lemon' flavour which Tom bought be for my birthday whilst we were travelling this Summer and the other is the Dragon Fruit flavour which I picked up last month. Both smell gorgeous and are richly moisturising, I can see myself repurchasing these over and over again as I use almost daily before I go to bed.
My Nivea Essential Care I almost exclusively used to prime my lips before I use drying lipstick. It is also routinely 'borrowed but never returned' by either my Dad or Brother when I'm at home (I guess its the least girly of my lip balms!). It is my favourite Nivea lip balm and I tried all of them when I was younger and in this case at least the original turned out to be the best.

I was given Rose &. Co. Cherry Kiss Lip Balm as a gift a reaaaally long time ago and I haven't really gotten through much of it (bad me) but its really good at giving a sheer, delicate wash of colour on days when I don't want to feel like I'm wearing a lip product. I love the texture of it and I love the tin, it really does make a lovely little token gift.

I also received Benefit's Benetint Lip Balm as a gift a Christmas or two ago. I usually layer this over Benetint for a shiny, rosy lip. I love how it is long lasting without being horrendously sticky and it is usually the closest I venture into lip gloss territory. It's quite expensive so I don't see myself re-buying this when I finish it but I was really pleased to receive it as a gift.

I picked up Crazy Priorities Lip Balm in Apple flavour when I was in Greece as I wanted to try something apple scented. This Lip Balm is crazily good for the price and the fragrance is really sweet and delicious without being too sickly or artificial. It's quite thick and therefore lasts on the lips well but it is very shiny which makes it look like a gloss on the lips. I don't mind this too much as it does moisturise as well as providing a long lasting barrier against the elements!

I'm including this Carmex Lip Balm (in Strawberry) purely because I've just discovered it and therefore it's a firm fixture in my hand bag at the moment. It smells intensely or Strawberries but might be a little bit too much for those who dislike artificial sweet smells. It isn't coloured which makes it great to layer over lipstick to add shine and it also works well as a lip primer before using lipstick.

What are you favourite Lip Balms? Have you tried any of the Lip Balms I use?




  1. Nivea lipbalm is the best! I've not tried the Carmes strawberry, but I like the sound of it! I absolutely love your blog! I'm following you and I'd love it if you could follow me back? Felicity x

    1. Thanks for following :) I love your blog! And I have serious hair envy over your hair, haha x


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