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October 27, 2012

REVIEW: The Body Shop's Hemp High Balm

The Body Shop are having a mid season sale at the moment, jettisoning all their old stock for seriously low prices. This Hemp Moisture High Balm was in the sale for only £1 so I didn't see any harm in trying it, especially as I'd only very recently heard a rave review about their hemp hand cream from my friend Kate.

This Moisture Balm, however, was a little disappointing but only because it turned out to be a completely different sort of product to what I was expecting. There wasn't a tester in store so I did sort of buy it blind and what it turned out to be was essentially a hemp vaseline. It certainly has the same gel like consistency of vaseline but it does't contain any petroleum. Soyabean oil is first on its list of ingredients, followed closely by Olive oil, Coconut Oil, Beeswax and Shea butter

This is something that I think would be great for very dry elbows and knees, or knuckles in my case, I get really dry knuckles! This is especially good for those of you out there who don't like using products that contain petroleum and I've popped into two different Body Shop stores in Leeds and both had a large supply of these so there's still time to stock up if this interests you. It's also available in The Body Shop's online store here.

I'm still keen to try some products from the hemp range, do any of you use the Hemp Hand Moisturiser?



  1. I'm also a big fan of their hand cream. My mum loves it too and keeps it in her studio to use after working with clay.

    1. I've only heard good things about it! It sounds really great for Winter x

  2. I have to say i picked this up too and was a little dissapointed but it is great for really cracked and dry skin and the ingredients are great

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    1. The ingredients are great aren't they, a lot better than Vaseline! I think this is probably one of those useful but not massively exciting products that will eventually come in handy. For £1 I'm glad I picked it up xx

  3. I'm a hemp hand cream fan! I'm a horse owner so with hands outside all the time, they get cracked and sore, but this really helps. Most other horse owners I know rave about it too. It doesn't smell great, but if you are aware of how well it works before buying, that helps! I wouldn't gift it to anyone who didn't know about it though!

    Ashleigh x


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