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October 04, 2012

REVIEW: Lush- Porridge Soap

I've been loving Lush lately, lurrrrrving it. Today's review is going to be no exception either because (and I didn't know this was possible) I have fallen in love with this beautiful, oaty chunk of soap. 

I don't even have a picture of the sample which led me into this sordid love affair because as soon as I got a whiff of the scent through the packaging I was like a kid at Christmas, the packaging got ripped up and thrown away before I even knew it. I do have pictures of the full size chunk I ran out to buy as soon as I'd used the sample up though!

Lush's Porridge Soap has a distinctive but delectable smell which I'm finding it really hard to articulate. It smells clean but in a natural and sweet way rather than a disinfectant way, and it doesn't really smell like porridge but I suppose it does smell oaty. Its just one of those scents which is really different in a good way. It foams up nicely when used as a hand soap, and doesn't aggravate sensitive skin, but because this soap is gently exfoliating due to all of the oatmeal pinheads it also is great for using on your body. I've settled on using mine as a hand soap as its incredibly moisturising and the gentle exfoliation seems to only make my hands softer. I will, however, be using this in place of tougher body exfoliants (especially on my legs) when I feel I need it. 

All in all I am a happy camper and I've think I've found my soap partner, for now at least! The block of soap in my pictures is 100g in size and costs £2.95, check it out online here.




  1. I have never tried Oatcake but I am obsessed with Snowcake (xmas collection which has been launched today) I can't wait to buy a slab!



    Em's Mixed Bag

    1. I've never tried Snowcake but I just looked it up on Lush's website and it looks lovvvely. I'm keen to try the Snow Fairy shower gel, I read lots of good things about it on blogs last year. xx

    2. I (suprisingly) have never tried Snow Fairy but people raved about it last year so I MUST buy some this year.



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