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October 24, 2012

REVIEW: Palmers Daily Calming Lotion Lightweight Moistuiser

I picked this up at the same time as I bought Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Daily Cleanser Gel and I've given both of these products a good try over the last week. However, I have to say that the Korres' moisturiser that I found in T.K. Maxx really stole the show from Palmer's Facial Lotion so this product has been somewhat sidelined since, but it still deserves a review.

The first thing you may notice is that the tube is a very generous size (100ml) compared to other mositurisers in the same price bracket. I think this is great, especially as this product is quite light, as it means you don't have to worry about finishing it too quickly. This moisturiser is designed with sensitive skin in mind and I have to testify to its suitability as my skin can be incredibly sensitive and I didn't have any problems using this. 

I do have very 'rosy' cheeks so I like the idea that this mosituriser aims to help reduce that redness. I haven't been using it enough to be able to tell if it really works (blame Korres!) but it does provide good moisturisation despite not being very rich. I used this in the evenings and woke up in the morning with noticeably smooth soft skin.

My only complaint with this is similar to the complaint I made about the cleansing gel; the smell. Just like with the cleansing gel this product claims to be fragrance free and certainly it has nothing of the cocoa butter scent that Palmer's famous body lotion has. However, because they've aimed to remove fragrance you're left with a slightly (and it is really only very slight, I'm just very picky about scents) chemical-y scent. It isn't anything obnoxious and its only really noticeable if you purposefully give the product a good sniff, it isn't so bad when applied. For me the smell is enough to put me off wanting to repurchase this, as it did with the cleansing gel, but the quality of both products is very good for the price. 

I think that this is worth a try as it has a lovely consistency that makes it perfect for younger skin that doesn't need heavy or rich daily moisturisation.  The amount of product you get is great for those on a tighter budget as it will last twice as long as many of those 50ml pots of moisturiser. Oh! And I forgot to mention the packaging. The packaging is plastic so you can't break it like you can with glass packaging and it squeezes out of a nozzle so its more hygienic to use than a pot or tub. The packaging made me warm to it, I've found that its great for travelling with and I love that you can stand it up so it takes up less space around the bathroom sink. 

You can buy this online from Superdrug, or in store, where it is currently half price at £2.97.

Have you tried any of the Palmer's facial skin care range?



  1. I have brought the whole line of Palmer's skin care and have to say I agree with you on the smell of the facial lotion and cleanser but compared with the scrub and night cream -which smell like lily of the valley! it is something I can deal with!

    Great review I totally agree with it all! :)


    1. Thanks :) I think I might actually prefer Lily of the Valley, I'm not sure! x


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