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March 03, 2013

February Empties

I keep all my used up product packaging in a box and, as you can see above, it was awfully full this month!

I got through three dry shampoos this month (they were all half used up though). I have red/auburn hair so when I use coloured shampoo I tend to use a mix of Batiste's Vibrant & Red and Batiste's Dark & Deep Brown as this provides the best colour match. I'll definitely be repurchasing both of these as soon as I can. 

I also use up my So...? Va Va Voom Dry Shampoo* which I received in my #bbloggersxmas goody bag back in December. I wish I'd tried it sooner, I really loved using it and will definitely be buying some to replace it.

I used up two Weleda Wild Rose Samples, one is a Night Cream and the other a Day Cream. I loved the moisturising effects of these samples but the rose scent was very strong and I don't think my sensitive skin would be able to handle using this regularly so I won't be purchasing the full size products.

The Wei Royal Ming Firming and Hydrating Cream came in my January Birchbox. I enjoyed using it but as it has an RRP over over £70 there is no way that I'll be purchasing it!

Richard from Skinetica very kindly send me some Skinetica* samples last month and I've been trialing them for a while now and am very pleased with the product's results! I'll be writing a post on Skinetica very soon so keep your eyes peeled if you're looking for a product that really helps blemished skin.

Balance Rescue Face Tonique was a product I recieved in my January Glossybox which I've enjoyed using but isn't one that I would repurchase. I love my usual pure rose water toner too much!

I received the Antipodes Rejoice Light Facial Day Cream sample in an Amarya beauty box last year. It is the most gorgeous moisturiser and I am strongly considering purchasing the fullsize product.

I finally used up the last of my Johnson's Daily Essentials Oil Balancing Facial Cleansing Wipes. They're very good face wipes and work very well but I've made the decision not to buy any more face wipes so I won't be repurchasing them. Although, if I ever do buy more these would be at the top of my list.

I also finished up some of Witch's Cleasning and Toning Wipes* which I received in a goody bag. I think they're great at cleansing the skin but they dried out my skin too much for my liking so I wouldn't purchase these. 

I've also used up two Weleda products. The Weleda Pomegranate Regenerating Body Oil is amazing, it smells gorgeous and leaves your skin amazingly soft. It is a struggle not to go out and buy ten bottles of this, once you try it you will not want to use anything ever. I would repurchase it but it is a little too costly for me at the moment. 

The Almond Soothing Facial Oil is amazing at removing waterproof mascara but for anything other than that purpose I really didn't enjoy using it. Having some around was very handy but I wouldn't repurchase it.

The Duck Island Body Lotion was another beauty box product. I enjoyed using it but it felt a bit weird when you applied it and the scent was very strong. If it was cheaper I might consider buying it as I did enjoy the scent but at the moment this won't be repurchased.

Lastly, I used up/dried out an Instant Nail Polish Remover* which I received as part of a giveaway last year. I loved using it but it didn't work on glitter polishes (which I've been wearing a lot lately) and I'm also pretty sure that it damaged my nails a bit. I'd probably repurchase a better quality version of this as I love how easy it was to use!

Oh my goodness! That was a lot! I'm trying to use up my overflowing stash of samples and half-used products and so far it certainly seems like I'm doing a good job.  I don't think I'll do so well next month though. 



  1. This has really got me craving some Weleda products x

  2. I could not live without dry shampoo and go through loads lol!



    Em’s Mixed Bag

  3. The Antipodes Rejoice is one of my all time favourites :)

  4. The Antipodes moisturiser sounds gorgeous. x

  5. Maybe I'm weird but I love empties posts:) Sometimes sample boxes are like a taunt- I've gone online to purchase full sizes and actually wanted to weep at the price


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