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March 14, 2013

REVIEW: Dirty Works Foot Butter and Coconut Caress Body Butter

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When I was bought Soap and Glory's 'Best of All' Gift Set for Christmas I got the opportunity to try products from a new brand which I ended up loving! Once I finished up Soap & Glory's Heel Genius I went looking for a new product to take it's place. I finally settled on Dirty Works' Foot Butter, and while I was at it I very naughtily also picked up the Coconut Caress Body Butter. I was really excited to try these products and after two months of use I've used them both up! The Foot Butter was really excellent, it smelt nice, left my skin really soft, the packaging was both pretty and easy to use and the price was really reasonable. This is definitely a product that I'll be repurchasing as I've really enjoyed using it and I think that whether you're on a tight budget or not you should definitely go for this over Heel Genius as I think it works better. So this Dirty Works product gets a massive thumbs up from me!

I initially felt the same way about the Coconut Caress Body Butter. It hydrates your skin really well, it doesn't take too long to absorb and it has a very pungent coconut scent. However, after using this for a while I started to really notice the scent, it began to feel heavier and heavier and in the end I really didn't like using it. I think that especially in the hotter months the scent would have made me feel quite sickly to be honest. The second negative aspect of this product is the packaging. The fact that it is in a pot makes it easier to use all of the product up but it does mean that spillages are really easy. I also don't think it is that hygienic  especially if you don't plan on using it all at once. All in all, I'm glad I've tried it and I think it does a good job  at keeping your skin soft and smooth but it definitely isn't something I'll be buying again.

You can find Dirty Works products at Sainsbury's, the Foot Butter costs £2.99 (which I think is a bargain) and the Coconut Caress Body Butter costs £4.99.

Have you tried any Dirty Works products?



  1. I love the sound of the coconut scent, it's a shame you weren't a fan though! xo

    1. It's a great moisturiser, the scent just reaaally lingers! Great for coconut lovers though xx

  2. This brand reminds me way too much of Soap & Glory ahah

    1. I knowwww! I do like their packaging though :) xx

  3. I haven't tried any of their products yet, but I really want to now, I keep hearing so many good things about them!


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